Deca Dick need help fast!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Monarch23, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Monarch23

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    Ive gotten Deca dick. I took 500mg of test and 400 mgs of deca for 15 weeks and I was fine intil about the 12th or 13th week I started losing my erection as soon as that happened I stopped taking the steroids and its been about 3 weeks and I still cant get a full erection.I have not taken a pct yet because I couldn't get it from my source. I have this girlfriend right now and I'm really considered taking cialis or viagra. Should I take clomid for 6 weeks and hcg for 4 weeks? Can I take Viagra or Cialis while on clomid and hcg. Would Viagra or Cialis help right now? my test level right now is 425 should I take a replacement dose of test e and proviroand then cycle off properly with hcg and clomid?
  2. fodsod

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    ED drugs will not help your problem. They are designed to increase blood flow to your penis and help keep it there. They do not increase sex drive nor do they off set ED issues caused by hormonal imbalances. Save your money.

    There is no actual fast solution. The deca needs to get out of your system because that's the problem. Stopping all of your gear just made things worse. You should have stayed on the test and stopped the deca.

    You might shorten the time frame by hitting your pct now to get your natural levels back up to balance the falling deca levels faster but it's not going to be solved in a few days.
  3. Monarch23

    Monarch23 Junior Member

    should I hit my pct then start a replacement dose of test e and donate blood?
  4. Blakeyy

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    This is just one of those times am sorry man but your gonna need to let her fly the nest to get other dick until your one starts to work again. Girls don't like the floppys am sorry. Try to make sure when she flys away from the nest temporary its not to a big good looking hulk mother fucker or bigger hung guy than yourself or she wont ever come back.
  5. Monarch23

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    Yeah I’ll keep her around and if not that’s fine my dick will work eventually or I’ll get really good at eating pussy
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  6. Robfromga

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    Why would you want to do that?
    Pct and test e?
    That's not how your body works.

    Start your pre cycle and your most current, mid cycle labs .
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  7. Test_Subject

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    You started a 15 week deca cycle without having your pct on hand?

    That's "special."
  8. Monarch23

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    I'm seeing an endo doctor tommorow
  9. Monarch23

    Monarch23 Junior Member

    do you think they would put me on clomid or hcg my nuts have shrunk as well as not being able to get hard
  10. ironwill1951

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    classic example of new users not taking these compounds serious enough.
  11. Monarch23

    Monarch23 Junior Member

    Yes it was my first cycle and I’m never taking deca ever again and I don’t need anyone to bash me I asked if there is something I can do to speed my recovery up
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  12. Monarch23

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    Like there’s yes need to be bashing like this shit is making me depressed like 19 and this couldn’t have happened at a worse time
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  13. penche

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    Does your mind have the urge to bang her as if you mentally have the drive to fuk? If the answer is yes then a mix of viagra/cialis should help. Now if you have no drive well then you’re fucked. Grab some V for the mean time until you get straight and wean yourself off the ED pills. Helps with confidence as well as I’m sure yours has taken a small hit.
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  14. RealET

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    Tell your girl to eat your ass and give you a prostate massage. That should perk you right up.

    Remember to shave
  15. Romi84

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    Its constructive criticism bro. Why did you start your cycle with no pct on hand? 19 nors bro. Did you not read anything before hand about the possibilities of this happening? If so, how were you prepared?
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  16. ironwill1951

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    I was not bashing you I was simply saying young guys don't take these compounds serious enough.
    you have to agree with that.
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  17. Worf

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    Should have dropped the Deca after the ed started and kept running the test. Get some cialais , and viagra. Get hcg and nolva. Blast the hcg for a week with or two then start the nolva
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  18. Monarch23

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    my fault its just stressful like ive met this girl that I really like and she likes me and I went soft on her the first time we tried stuff like its that stressful just please pray for my dick to work lol
  19. Monarch23

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    I was worried about pct three months ago all I was concerned about was gaining muscle which I did. I went from 160 to 190 but now I'm stuck with this problem
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  20. Monarch23

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    thank you so much for the advice and I'm waiting on my appointment tomorrow and ill probably get prescribed hcg I just ordered some nolvadex and clomid from a reliable source.