deca.. do you keep your gains?????

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by keith2775, Mar 19, 2008.

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    keith2775 Junior Member

    i'm about to start deca, probably around 400mgs a week and 200mgs of test a week just so i don't get deca dick, i've done test cycles in the past where i gained up to 25 lbs, mostly water, i've always gained atleast 15 lbs off all my cycles, and have been recently worried about my hairline, its not bad yet but i've read that deca has a low dht increase factor, and my joints in my hands are always inflamed it might be arthritis, so do you think i can gain good size off of just deca and a lil test and will i keep most my gains??? any input will be greatly appreciated
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    bigbench Member

    What you keep comes from diet and training more than anything. If you eat everything in site, then you are going to consume a large amount of sodium as well as high glycemic carbs which will in turn make you hold a lot of water. When you do that, you will lose a lot of weight when coming off. If you eat clean and watch everything and stay constant, and continue the high cals and strong intensity in the gym, then you can retain almost all of your gains when coming off. The only thing I would suggest was to bump your test up to at least the same amount of the deca. Its a harsh compound and pretty strong.
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    Raging Bull

    Raging Bull Junior Member

    What are yur stats???

    How many cycles have you done, and what doses??? How often do you eat and what??? How much sleep??

    Ya gotta give us more ....for anybody to help ya.
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    Bigkarch Member

    even with a good diet, training and calories, you wont keep most of your deca gains....some but not a lot....just wont happen...but with a good regimen of pct and training, you can keep some...
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    jasthace Member

    You'll slowly revert back to your natural state of strength and muscle mass.
    The same principle as when a person ages they lose muscle mass and condition,because the body creates less of these anabolic hormones.

    Also Nandrolone is probably the most suppressive AAS available.
    So {as per Big Karch}you'll be needing a very good pct to help keep your gains as long a possible.
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    bw1 Junior Member

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    dallas Junior Member

    can someone please explain more about -why we wont keep most of deca gains-

    more importantly, does that apply to trenbolone too??


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