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    Hi everyone, firstly I just want to say, I’m pretty new here. Firstly I’ve done around 6 cycles, mainly test cycles with some eq and my last two I threw in some deca.

    Now with my last deca cycle, I was running 600mg test e and 600mg of deca. Now I have to admit that later on in the cycle I felt I lost my way mentally at times, looking back I was completely out of character, you could say I almost cost my relationship of which I have been in for 13 years. At the time I really didn’t Notice but in saying that I actually really didn’t even care, I became very selfish, all I wanted was sex and even tried asking the missus for different sexual activities, looking back now I just can’t believe why I behaved this way, also became aggressive and would lose my temper very easily which almost cost me a road rage incident.mentally for the first time in any cycle I was completely out of whack at times. I’m putting it down to the deca, what do you guys think. In previous cycles I never behaved this way. I was actually planning on running tren for the first time but knowing what I know with that compound I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Cheers guys for any input.
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    I've had similar experiences in the past... For me it came down to total weekly dosage and avoiding certain substances like tren. The lower the better. 500mg test with nothing else and I feel great.
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    If u run tren she’s out
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    Different hormones can have widely different effects. Deca turns me in to ass as well, more than the usual.

    Looking jacked in your avi btw. Welcome to meso
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    Wedorecover, that’s what I was thinking, I don’t think I’ll go there, just have to chuck out those bots so I’m not tempted lol.. I’ve always had a very sexual appetite but this time around was pretty bad, my missus was certain I was cheating which I actually wasn’t but it’s just how much I changed as a person that led her to believe that.

    It’s amazing and a reminder to people that steroids aren’t to be messed with and to take things slowly and see how certain compounds react, my test and eq cycles were awesome, my first deca cycle was awesome at 300mg, but the 600mg was enough to experience a different side of the drug.
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    Very true Deca is very mild for me tren them a whole Nother animal... i gave up on tren ....
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    Hmm.. deca works different for everyone it seems. It’s very anabolic and not very androgenic. Was this the most test you ever ran?
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    Hey Frenchie, yeah by 100mg, I’ve done a couple of 500mg stints. Unless the gear was overdosed. This cycle definitely felt the strongest to be honest. They were a 300mg per ml both same ugl lab. Ive got plenty of the stuff left, may do just 1 ml a week of each and see how that plays out. Do you think it may be the test that may of contributed more to my psychological issues ?
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    600 each of NPP and Test with Anadrol is still my favorite cycle...

    Sex ruled every waking second of my life.

    My girlfriend loved it.
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    Sounds like you are not a candidate for tren... sorry brother. I feel like I am overly nice to my wife on tren, I go out of my way to be pleasant... she says I am a different person and she doesn't like it.

  11. Both Tren and Deca are 19-NOR so I’m complexity surprised that Deca might have influenced address aggression. The best way to test that theory is that if you are still running it, adjust the doses and keep note of your mental state, temperament, patience, etc.

    NPP may be a viable alternative for you. Many, many on here will support that the sides are virtually null on NPP. It’s an amazing compound. And easy to makes dose adjustments. Some will say you don’t ever need to bother with Tren if you properly run NPP.
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    First thing.. if you’re having these issues on Deca never touch Tren. Trust me. See I am on my six cycle too and I am doing test, primo, Deca, and Anavar.

    Here is the thing about injecting extra hormones into your body. It just magnifies your personality. My highs are higher and my lows are lower. I only experience road rage. It’s the worst for me. I followed a Somalian into his apartment building last year. My son was in the car. He was 5 and about caused us and another car to have a head on. My wife was screaming and I about got my second felony assault. Weird thing is I am usually much more emphatic and sensitive on gear. People comment that I always smile while working out. I only don’t when I am on pct though. Hate pct.

    The sex drive is real. My god I wake in the middle of the night and can’t sleep because I need it. Tren is worse because I couldn’t finish. I started a reward program. I told the lady I need it a lot more so I ended up giving a lot of back rubs and being a little bitch like we just started dating. I will start doing the little things again.. lol

    I have ran Deca and npp quite a bit. I can tell you that you realistically don’t need over 400mg per week. I have tried up to 800. That lasted 4 weeks,’ never again. I know people are going to dispute that but it’s not what I gain and look like a balloon but what I can keep. Fuck, on dbol I was beast by week 4. 3 weeks later, it was gone. Deca and Tren make recovering a lot harder. Run test p for 4 weeks after you are done with Deca. Start pct 4 days after your last injection if you’re not cruising.

    The moral of this all is understanding yourself and how to remain in control. You came and admitted that you had these issues, now it’s mind over matter or stick too Test. I have learned how to understand the behavioral changes and how to combat them. I am much more focused and energetic on gear. If I snap I just walk away completely from the situation. Road rage is still tough for me and will be forever. I don’t equate that just to Deca though. Try primo some time or mast. Challenge yourself too be better and think before you react. Welcome to meso and you’re looking good.. no homo!
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    Thanks for that mate and great post. Yeah I’m a little lost as to what happened hence why I have come here as I don’t really know anyone that does gear to be honest. The thing that scared me the most was I just didn’t care about things, training and sex was all that I thought about to be honest. I think I’ll go back to the drawing board and just go a test cycle next up. As rockclimber stated I’m probably not cut out for tren so I’ll give that a miss.

    You are right when you say about understanding the Situation and staying in control, that’s something I need to learn, the road rage incident I had wasn’t good and I just lost my shit like never before. I never want that to happen again.
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    Me also would be great if I could get my wife on board