Deca vs Tren for bulking?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by stayinalive, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. stayinalive

    stayinalive Member

    Which one do you guys prefer?
  2. Notits

    Notits Member

    Alot easier to eat on deca.
  3. Ngtmarpete

    Ngtmarpete Member

    I usually take both on cycle. So many people will say to 19-Nor compounds is redundant or even pushing it, but it's work very well for me. Definitely not a cycle for beginners to say the least ;)
  4. tenpoundsleft

    tenpoundsleft Member

    I like Deca for the effect on my shoulders. Planning on picking up some tren next week, and run a combo of test, deca, EQ and tren in my next cycle. Need some time off, just done with current cycle - back to TRT maintenance for a month or two.
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  5. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    Deca for a long run and like notits mentioned tren kills my appetite as well.
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  6. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    if your diet is good they both work well I prefer deca because of no sides.
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  7. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

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  8. I love tren. Makes me feel like a caged animal. I've mostly used it for cutting so Exp with bulking. I'd say go with deca.
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  9. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    Deca hands down. You will gain the most volume. tren may get you more dense LBM but it will be much more dry than with Deca. As @Notits said tren is an apettite killer for most, which is what you do not want for a bulk. However it is the most nutrient efficient compound out there and if you could get in that food, may in turn look fantastic.
  10. tenpoundsleft

    tenpoundsleft Member

    A friend of mine is on a tren and Anadrol cycle now - he says his appetite is gone.

    He should probably add cjc-1295 and some ghrp-6 to the mix, to get hungry again.
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  11. stayinalive

    stayinalive Member

    Thing with deca is that it packs on bodyfat from what I have read. I do not necessarily mind dry gains.Why would anyone want wet gains over dry gains.?
  12. Notits

    Notits Member

    This is complete bro-lore bullshit, herring fat is about what you eat and how much you burn.
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  13. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    This guy says deca doesn't cause "wet" gains.... Diet and E2 control are what matters

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  14. Thenewera

    Thenewera Member Supporter

    Second. I just got done running deca and went up roughly 20lbs and my body fat? Well look at me. We all respond differently.. And it's your diet and e2 control.. Too many of these damn people rely on this certain compound for loss / gain. I put 100 dollars down I can gain 15lbs on prop, tren, winny, t3.
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  15. NoScopeKen

    NoScopeKen Member

    It makes me hold more water, not bodyfat.
  16. NoScopeKen

    NoScopeKen Member

    Tbh OP it's best just experimenting with both, I personally do what a lot of people do, deca in winter time and tren during summer. If you find my cycle log there's pics of me on holiday and I was running deca then, reasonable body fat, but held some water.
  17. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    $20 bucks says it was your diet, not the drug :)

    Always when bulking there is a caloric, carbohydrate and oftentimes sodium surplus. These are HUGE factors when looking at "dryness".....
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  18. NoScopeKen

    NoScopeKen Member

    Possibly, or the bottles of Moët lol .
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  19. Agrex110

    Agrex110 Member

    Cant wait to try deca!!!! I liked tren, but i want to use deca for the pure mass gain. and therapy reasons.
  20. stayinalive

    stayinalive Member

    Comparing oneself to arnold is foolish IMO,arnold is a genetic specimen. Not only for muscle but he pretty much won the genetic lottery in almost every aspect.