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  1. Bigred08

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    wheres all my Decca gurus at???
  2. Robfromga

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    What are you after?
  3. Bigred08

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    Just trying to study up on it and get everyone’s personnel opinions that have taken it.
  4. I love it...makes me happy, horny and strong. I think the key is to not use high dose but that's my opinion. I liked it around 300-400mg per week
  5. ScabbyJr

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    I like it. Dont like the bloat but the joint relief and strength increase is very nice.
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  6. Robfromga

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    I'm on npp right now .
    2nd run. Favorite compound. If you're diet is right, the results are almost like tren . You don't get that 3D look, you grow alot more, with no sides.
  7. JayBigJ

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    What doses you run?
  8. Oldschool

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    Im three weeks in my first npp run. 750 test and 300 npp per week. Pin M,W,F. Loving it so far.
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  9. Just completed the first 8 weeks of this blast with test and npp. Dosed the npp at 450mg/ml and pinned m/w/f(150mg). Minimal bloat. Must say made great strength increases from week to week and size increases as well when looking at progress pics over the 8 week period. Muscles always had a nice “full” look to them. Probabaly one of my favorite compounds I’ve ran and plan to use again in the future. No issues whatsoever with “deca dick” my sex Drive was crazy and still is with no issue getting or keeping it up. . No prolactin issues either (kept e2 in check). Great compound imo.
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  10. Murho

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    I’m 4 weeks into first time with deca. 500 Test 400 deca per week.
    Going well so far. No sides, gaining weight and strength.
  11. SuperSwede

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    Used it since 1996 in many cycles.
  12. Robfromga

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    I run test at 500 and npp at 500-550.
    Keep your e2 in check and you don't need caber or any of that crap. Cock works fine .

    I think I'm starting to see myostatin creep up. I don't want to come off... I'm torn between coming off, upping the dose, or dropping the npp and adding something like mast or primo.

    BTW, I added 50mg of proviron to this cycle and it's really shinning . I know my look previously at the same dose without proviron, and with it is totally different . I'll probably never run a cycle again without proviron, it's the most under rated and under spoken about add on . I think guys look at it's rating and skip it without understanding how it helps .
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    It's great for bulking up.
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  14. CanadianPride

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    Absolutely LOVE IT. I just ran my first cycle of nandrolone at 300NPP a week, 500 test per week. I cleaned bulked on absolutely nothing but chicken, basmati rice, avocado oil, and spinach. I put on about 15 pounds, I would say a solid 4 pounds was lean tissue gains.

    No bloat, no deca dick, slow steady lean gains, I did not notice any big jumps in strength, unlimited recovery and muscular endurance. Every week I would have a new stretch mark on my chest.

    However, nandrolone has been shown to alter brain chemistry. On cycle my memory WAS SO FUCKED UP I WAS LEGITIMATELY CONCERNED. There are times were my friend would mention a mutual friends name Ive known for 6 months and 2 weeks later I would actually forget that persons name... It was scary the affects on the memory. I have been off for about 6 weeks and this side effect is completely gone.

    I bought deca this time and I plan to run 400mgs deca 500 test for 16 weeks. I will NEVER bulk without Nandrolone ever again. 10/10
  15. Bigred08

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    What would y’all recommend for a first time go with it just to see how my body is going to react to it? I was thinking 500 Test a week with 300 deca a week?
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  16. SuperSwede

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    That would work well.
    Good luck bro!
  17. bubblebuddy

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    I'm currently shooting 500 test and 375 deca a week. big fan.
    so, deca has a stronger binding affinity than test. this means deca will displace testosterone to a certain degree. more test floating free means more conversion means more estrogen.

    deca converts to dhn rather than dht. dhn has a weaker binding affinity than dht and for some, this equals deca dick and or a lack of sensitivity. testosterone however, converts to dht which equals a hard dick and more sensitivity. this is why you need to run test with deca. also, as rates above, keep e2 in check and you should be fine in regards to gyno.
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  18. AlwaysHungry

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    Lower test higher deca add mast or this and keep some mast or Proviron in hand
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  19. My first run with deca (npp) my test was around 650mg/wk and ran the npp at 450mg/wk. As @AlwaysHungry stated adding in Proviron is a great route as well to stack with the test and deca and get the most bang for your buck and really utilize the coumpounds and your free testosterone.
  20. prkway

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    Go in with a trt/slight cycle dose of test, 250-300mg maybe and go 500-600mg Deca, that way you see what the Deca does versus just Test at 500-600mg's a week.