Decriminalize Testosterone.

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by buck, Oct 27, 2019.

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    There's already a thread on it. Btw, I don't see it ever happening.
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    Most likely nothing will change. But women recently caused enough stir with politicians to get their steroids(birth control pills) where they could get a script for a year and insurance would have to cover it. If politicians think there is enough backlash that they can loose to many votes then they will act to stay in power. A couple years back the government was pushing to get kratom banned but the backlash was more then they thought and you don't see much about that agenda any more.
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    Petition states it needs almost 100,000 signatures and they only have 500+ and they only have one month.

    Unless you fire 98% of the government and move to embrace libertarian fundamentals, there's no hope for this shit hole we all know and love called the USofA. The government keeps getting bigger. 40,000 new laws and regulations passed every single year. More laws to put more people in prison. The older I get the more I want to gtfo of here.
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    I think the hardest part is getting celebrity endorsements to champion/lobby this movement because of the long stigma and controversy surrounding gear, even if it's just test. I would make a case for why taking advanced levels of test responsibly is healthier than the non FDA evaluated chemicals sold legally. Its a racket. Low test makes obesity ..and disease makes dollas. Also, it's banned in sports for giving athletes an advantage but today it's ok to put trans boys in girl competitions? None of it's logical, that's how you know it's just conflict of business
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    This country was founded by a group of batshit crazy people called the pilgrims/puritans, these idiots were kicked out of Europe and told leave or the gallows. There is no logic, only puritanical madness wherever these idiots see people trying to exercise some freedom.

    We have no intelligent freethinkers running our country, only power hungry sociopaths that want to control everyone around them.
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    Logic is always present, whether you can discern it or not is irrelevant.

    All living beings with cognition use logic.
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    Up past the 49th in Canuckistan, where i reside, it is legal to posses all aas for personal use, but not for sale.
    There have been more than a few cases thrown out as the justification for the large amounts present were for 1-2 years supply. But unfortunately it us up to the presiding judges discretion.
    That's what you yanks need. Maybe at the state level like they did for cannabis.
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    I would disagree, American legal system is largely based on emotions, there's very little logic involved when it comes to the world of drugs or the right to engage in anything as long as you cause no harm to anyone else.

    From right to left politics, to foaming at the mouth rabid religious f-heads, to soccer moms, to blind down the list, it's all based on emotions and very little of it contains any real free thought.

    If there is any logic used, it's mostly based on fallacies.....the Appeal to Authority being the most common of them all.
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    Like I said, you don't understand it.

    Every human action is logical. Our brains are logical..

    It isn't a matter of opinion.
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    Believing in God. Is logical, it might not fit "your logic" but it is logical...

    It is hard to find examples of being illogical, lets say you would get up during a movie to go pee, but you don't have to pee. That is illogical, however, I would make the argument that it is logical but you have some sort of disorder or stressor.

    Another example is setting the dining room table for 4 people and then it is only you at the table and there is no food. That is another example of something that is sort of illogical but I would still make the argument it is logical.

    Just trying to give you examples so you can see it from my perspective Mister Sören.
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    I signed it even tho I am not an American nor do I live there .........buttttt what ever legalize there will legalize here
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    Logic may not have been the right word, I would say irrational would be the better choice.

    You simply can't make a rational argument for much of what is illegal, sending people to prison and destroying their lives with a record, while at the same time doing nothing about things that cause far greater harm.
    There is no sound scientific reason to make testosterone illegal to obtain while at the same time allowing someone to purchase tobacco, alcohol or even drive a motorcycle.

    Harm reduction is something we have to let go of if we want to embrace true freedom. Who is to say someone can get on a jet motorcycle and blast down a road setting a speed record only to crash and become a pile of guts, but someone wanting 200mg/week of testosterone is denied his right because the nanny state wants to make sure you stay out of harms way. It's absurd.
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    Do you think the people in charge of our country overlooked this?
  15. Soren

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    The better question would be why would anyone have the audacity to think they are in charge of me, you or anyone else. We are on a rock in a solar system hurling millions of miles per hour through space, who the f'k are any of us to think we're in charge of anything?

    For me it's very simple, murder, rape, assault, stealing or damaging public or private property, these are and should be the only crimes considered for punishment or criminal record.

    Harm reduction has ended up creating more harm then it prevents, its a sadistic merciless system that clearly targets those that sit at the bottom of the economic ladder.

    It would be one thing if it was just a matter of paying a fine and no record was left, but they don't do that, they want that record, they want people to suffer for the rest of their lives with a scarlet letter burned into their foreheads,... that is just evil and that is our legal system put in place by elites that think they were put here to control use like animals.
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    In my humble opinion the real reason to not legalize testosterone is, why would the system that controls us want a bunch of confident and strong males running around with the power to think and fend for themselves. and the day they legalize it you can guarantee it won't be the same product. same goes for the marijuana that got legalize
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    You realise high doses of androgens is more than likely neutotoxic right
  18. Sworder

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    That's a great question!!

    "Greed is the only snake that can not be charmed."
  19. Soren

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    Performance enhancing for sports might have been the start of the outrage, but it's clear to me you are right, the agenda against masculinity, strength, confidence is something our feminized culture fears, because they feel men would gain an advantage from using these steroids, not just in athletics, but in the work world and society at large.

    A man with low testosterone is easier to control, he is weak, has little energy, slower cognition, more body fat and less muscle mass, he will in all likeliness end up in the nursing home that much faster.

    The feminist love the idea of this because it levels the playing field, as we all know they have access to whatever hormones they desire and the doctor will never even bat an eye. Women have been placed at the center of our concerns, men are considered piles of s**t and are expected to suffer and die in silence.

    Robbing a man of a chance to control his hormones, both Testosterone and DHT, when we have the technology and at extremely affordable prices, seems to be about politics and not science.
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  20. Soren

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    Certain steroids do appear to be neurotoxic, but testosterone and dht have been showing in trt doses to be extremely beneficial to those with low testosterone.

    Low testosterone causes problems with memory, recall, ability to solve complex math word problems. It's a disaster for a man to go around with low test, we know in many men low T causes depression and even suicide.

    Most men on trt keep their total levels around 600-1200ng, I've never seen where this is neurotoxic, I have seen where it enhances a mans confidence, assertiveness, desire and motivation to engage in life again as opposed to sit on the sidelines and watch as life passes him by.

    Typically the medical communities philosophy is to "do no harm", in this case they are paranoid because trt causes increases in red blood cells, and cause other side effects from uncontrolled estrogen like elevated blood pressure. There's the issue of prostate which we now know is not linked to higher testosterone, but to lower test/higher estrogen levels, the exact thing trt is trying to alleviate.
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