Decriminalize Testosterone.

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  1. Havah

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    When i m said "high doses of androgens" i thought it was obvious i wasnt talking about trt dosages

    Most men on this forum dont keep their testosterone between 600-1200
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    I blame voters for politicians. Most people just keep voting for their favorite party even though they don't accomplish much or do what they say. You can't have change without doing something different. And that doesn't mean telling others to do something different.
  3. Soren

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    We don't have a direct democracy, voting doesn't accomplish jack squat when politicians are bought off, and make no mistake about it, scheduling anabolics and making them illegal is all about money, big pharma doesn't like competition, if they can't make money they tell politicians to outlaw it.

    And even if you had a direct democracy, it's doesn't mean the people voting are enlightened. Have you taken a look at the average citizen or even politician in this country? I'd say 98% of the human race is a complete waste of perfectly good air. The people in this country are nightmarishly stupid.
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  4. Sworder

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    You are extremely smart, don't take it for granted. Feel blessed and try to help people instead.

    If you get mad at "stupid" people, what does that say about you? That's how I try to see it at least. Or, if "stupid" people can life a happy carefree life, why can't you with that big brain of yours? ;)
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    I don't think most people are happy, 18% of the population is on antidepressants, pain killers, gobs of narcotics, alcohol, food addictions and various other things to sedate them to the point they don't go stark raving mad. This isn't a happy country, that's the media that helps to gloss over the icky parts of life. Americans have been brainwashed to vote against what is in their own interests, suffering is a point of pride.

    I don't see any hope for this country, certainly not voting, certainly not the typical American that blindly waves their flag and clings to their jesus, only to become enraged if you call this place a shithole.

    The best approach would be chaos, it's the only way to level the playing field. Set up parts of this country where people are free to do as they please, if someone doesn't like it they can go back to the nanny state.
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    I actually believe all oral fixations, eating, biting nails, smoking cigarettes, lip biting, cheek biting, speech impediments are a result of mental stress! This extends to all animals, cats, dogs etc. Basically anybody that is overweight is stressed to the point that the body will either resort to food and/or drugs.

    Edit: Yes, you may quote me on that one. :)
  7. Soren

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    Most of that stress is a product of not having the courage to simplify ones life. In other words walking away from the society trap. There's a fear people will reject you, you will lose your rank(whatever that is worth). So you have people that hate being enslaved, and yet they go out and buy a fancy car or house, or perhaps sign up to attend a college that will put them in debt for the next forty years. There's a neurotic obsession where happiness is just one purchase away. That is what built modern America, this idea that if you just do this one more thing you'll find happiness and yet it never comes true..........thus all the addictions to escape this hole people have dug themselves, all because they lack courage to tell the world to F-off.
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  8. Havah

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    Isnt that a simplified view of Freuds thinkig which has been proved wrong a while ago now ?
  9. Sworder

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    More or less, I am a huge Freud guy. The psychiatric field is divided into different schools of thoughts so not really proven wrong. It isn't generally accepted perhaps, which I don't care about. I strongly believe this to be true.

    You have to take in consideration that doing psychiatry via Freud's methods doesn't really involve tons of drugs. Which today's pharma is all about, which is a different topic.

    Freud is one of the rare geniuses from history. Einstein doesn't have anything on him.
  10. Havah

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    Oh no, the psychiatric field not only doesnt teach freuds point of vue anymore, it actually fights against it - as they should since psychanalysis has proven to be as effective as chit chat talk for about ALL mental diseases

    You realise you re disregarding decades of medical work and researches for someone that was mainly deadling with late stage infectious diseases ?

    Psychiatry is a medical discipline
    Its isnt a fucking religion

    Just stay out of those subjects or at least AT LEAST please put in your signature that you re a "huge freud guy" aka someone now almost a whole century behind the times
  11. Soren

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    I'd say it is on topic because much of the drugs big pharma uses to make their fortune could be replaced by trt/hrt and much of that is done through ugl these days as we all know.

    Show me a man with low T, depressed, weak, indecisive, and big pharma will throw a long list of drugs to try to correct his mood, then even more drugs to counter the side effects, when all he needed was a shot of testosterone and masteron in his ass every 5 days and 6 weeks later he's a completely new man.

    We are our hormones, if they're out of whack, we all know it can have profound effect on our cns.
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  12. Sworder

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    Psych 101 includes Freud, you are incorrect.

    I am not, you think I am. But no.

    It is a business.

    You can ignore my posts, I won't follow your guidelines unfortunately.
  13. Havah

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    It would certainly save some a lot of peoples time to disclose you re a "huge freud guy" in 2019 so they know what kind of thinking theyre dealing with but i can understand why you wont do it
  14. Sworder

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    Here the thing with your infinitesimal thinking. Just because I am a Freud fan, that does not mean that I have 100% the same beliefs he does. I take inspiration from a multitude of different sources, however, you are projecting your close-mindedness on me.
    I don't appreciate your posts as they are baseless and remind me of a toddler that wants to refute anything their parents say.

    You finished? Or are you done?
  15. Havah

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    Multiple sources of inspiration yet "all oral fixations are the result of a mental stress!"

    This is just gold
    I mean i see dummies every now and then but in the realm of dummies that think they have a clue you re a special kind of treat

    Like the part you say alzheimer isnt a disease i just feed on this kind of things

    You ll probably see me around as i must confess i just cant get enough of people like you, it gets on my nerves a bit but i always keep coming get back to them i just like it too much

    I m done on this thread tho out of respect for the people reading it, i ll see you around
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    Yes, do you disagree? That's a rhetorical question, I already know that you can not express your own opinion.

    I haven't even mentioned Alzheimers... You are putting words in my mouth again.

    Oh, I thought you were done because you literally have nothing to say and make a fool out of yourself. My bad, thanks for being respectful.
  17. Soren

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    Psychiatry doesn't have much to do with hormone replacement.

    Because these sorts of doctors are ill equipped to handle these issues, they obviously would be the last stop for the man that knows his hormones have bottomed out.

    I personally have little use for psychiatry because patients that are under their care of are often having a natural normal response to their environment, an environment that is often sick and full of alienation, and instead of agreeing with the patient that "yes this world is f-ked up", they instead give them advice and drugs to help conform and acclimate them back into the very setting that was causing them problems to begin with.
  18. Sworder

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    I agree! Get this, the psychiatrists probably think they are helping people by doing that.
  19. Soren

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    Psychiatry and Philosophy split ways long ago. Psychiatrists have the mindset that most mental illness is based on biological defects. Without a deep philosophical training, one that would be more questioning and critical, we instead get a profession that wants everything tied up in a rational way from the perspective of clinical psychiatry as that is the only way they are taught, there's simply not enough time to get deeper then this when one is in medical school.

    Instead of acknowledging that many people experiencing so called mental illness are not in fact ill, but are just responding how we have evolved to respond, they have dumbed down the potential to help their patients in a more holistic manner by explaining to them how they got to this point and what they need to do to remove themselves from their current environment that is causing this so called neurosis.

    When you are trained to workup every patient with the goal of fitting the right medication to each neurological defect and this is the only thing you are fretting over day to day, this seems to me to be a missed opportunity to pull back the curtain and dive deep into how this patient became this way, what were the life experiences and the current experience that is making this patient react in a socially unacceptable way to a society that views suffering as a virtue and refuses to admit that alienation is in fact baked into the way we live our lives and that some of us simply can't sustain living like this indefinitely, basically living by lying and ignoring that we are miserable.

    Take a kid that is displaying ADHD, this diagnosis requested by his teacher. Take the same kid and let him spend six months in the wilderness, allow him/her to work hard physically and to watch life carry out in real time. Does this kid really have ADHD, or is it simply the kid can't deny his biological evolution hasn't caught up to sitting in a classroom staring at a chalkboard? So what happens, he instead is put on drugs, and more drugs to counter the side effects, turning him into a vegetable, so he is easily controlled and no longer disruptive.

    Psychiatry is setup with the mind set "if you can't conform to a society that is driving you mad", we have medications for that.
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    I posted this in another thread:

    Doctor:You have ADHD.
    Child: I do?
    Doctor: Yes.
    Child: Num Num Num *Zombiebrain* *Yawn* "some lie about it should make you calm"
    Parent: Do you take insurance?
    Doctor: Yes we do, make sure to follow up in 3 months.
    Parent: Thank you doctor for helping lil' ol' Tommy, he just STOPID.
    Cash Register:
    -$220 Prescription medication for Made up Syndrome
    -$150 Doctor visit, will FU in 3 months.
    Prescription company:$$$
    Insurance companies: $$$
    Middle America: :(
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