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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Adam, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Adam Junior Member

    I'm a massage therapist, and doing some research on behalf of a client on deep tissue massage and how it can help bodybuilders - especially in terms of injection sites/scar tissue/stretch marks, etc.
    It's also my first time on this site and posting a forum, hopefully i'm doing it right. anyway - anyone with any info, let me know. I'm a personal trainer and know my way around the gym, I just don't have any personal experience with the juice, so to speak, lol
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    d-red Member

    i think you`re right, that a deep tissue massage really would benefit a bodybuilder.

    but....let me tell you. NO ONE is going near my injection sites with a deep tissue massage. that sounds like torture!!!:)
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    Bigkarch Member

    actually many pro bodybuilders get deep tissue massage...first on my mind is ronnie colemand and dorian yates...they say it actually hurts a bit, or is uncomfortable first, but afterwards it was a big help with pain, recovery and relaxation...

    as far as injection sites and scar tissue, that could help and seems viable..but once scar tissue develops its there for good. let us know how you feel about this...
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Good info Bigkarch!

    If the scar tissue has not built up yet and can be rubbed well, it definitely helps. During some cycles I have had some deep tissue massages and it was a huge help, especially injection sites. Massages are great for the human body period.
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    Adam Junior Member

    thanks for the info guys.
    To comment on what someone had said - it's true that once there's scar tissue it doesn't leave. but when it forms (due to injury, needle injection, etc) it lays itself down in a haphazard manner. Massage (friction technique specifically) with stretching and ice can help realign the collagen fibres (ie. scar tissue) into more appropriate lines of stress, to help maintain range of motion and tissue pliability etc.
    I never would've thought that massaging someone's injection sites would be beneficial, but ya - it totally makes sense.
    Here's my pro-massage comment for the day hahaha: muscle is surrounded by facia. Massage can help to release facia which in turn enables the muscles to relax a bit more. My client commented that after I had worked on his traps for part of a treatment, that they felt and looked bigger. It's not that massage has anything to do with muscle hypertrophy, but it can help to restore muscles to a more appropriate resting length, which as a result can make them look bigger.
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