Degenerative disc disease and muscle atrophy

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    Hey guys,
    Anyone out there lifting around degenerative disc disease? Last March I had massive pain and inflammation through my left lat and trap that forced me to stop lifting and eventually atrophied my left tricep quite a bit (left arm circumference now 1.25 inch smaller than my right) and has gone into my left pec as well... Haven't lifted at all since then and am now experiencing some pain issues in my lower back and occassionally left glute/quad... doc has said it's DDD and referred me to a chiro in April... Anyway I've lost so much weight and muscle since last year from not lifting and diet/mentality being shit, id really like to get back to a gym and probably use the test e, bold, and tbol I've been holding since before all of this, despite the pain everywhere online says strength training is vital but doc seems unknowledgeable and advises waiting to speak w chiro.... Anyone else out there dealing with similar and have recommendations for what lifts will be beneficial / what to avoid (besides squat/dead/crunches, of course).... Get no pump at all on left tricep and muscle feels soft, definitely has weakened... Concerned if I start cycling again any gains will be uneven and result in massive assymetry even if I pound on the left harder to avoid it? Sorry about the essay, appreciate any feedback guys...
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    What you’re describing happened to me. I had a cervical disc replacement and it fixed it. You’ve either got cervical myelopathy from one or more discs in your neck, or a brachial plexus injury.
    Get to a neurologist ASAP, because the longer the weakness/motor deficit goes untreated, the more likely it is to be permanent.

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    You have DDD and all your PCP did was refer you to a chiro...?

    find a new fucking doctor and get a referral to a specialist...yesterday. This can be VERY serious, and if not appropriately treated can result in spinal fusions. You don’t want that. Take charge on your own, find a specialist, and get the convo going IRL, not on a forum.
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    I have early stage DDD in my lower back diagnosed a few days ago and I will be seeing a specialist my doc referred me to and not a damn quack chiro. Your back is nothing to be trifled with!
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    Thanks all, and yeah I thought that seemed more than just a bit negligent, set up appt w a new doc to hopefully get referral earlier today.
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