Deloads on cycle? Yay or Nay

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Rival, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Rival

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    Curious, as I’ve seen some of my best (natty) increases/gains when I program in a deload after a 6 week training block. Are deloads necessary on cycle? Everything points me to your body heals at freakish speeds on gear. Just wondering if you all still program in deloads while on cycle? Or not necessary? This will by my first run, wouldn’t want to waste any of it.

    by week 6 my body always feels run-down, and that 1 week I do my working set weight but cut the reps/sets by 50%, and only do 3 days/week instead of my typical 5day/week. Usually I feel 100% after that.
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  2. slyfox115

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    Your recovery is greatly increased but you can still easily exceed that and get run down. I never program deloads but I can easily tell when I am run down and EVERYTHING seems harder than it should be. If you let it go on too long your body will pretty much force you to take a break so I'd rather be proactive.
  3. Perrin Aybara

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    I generally do a deload the week before I start a cycle. I'll only take one on cycle if it's needed. I'm usually timing my cycles around meets and I'll always deload the week of the meet anyway.

    Deloading is kind of like peaking for a meet. You recover from fatigue that's built up and you're better able to demonstrate your strength gains right after.
  4. Rival

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    thanks. I’ll see how I feel and run deloads as my body tells me.
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  5. slyfox115

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    It’s a slippery slope but if you are honest with yourself on when you need to deload that is the best way to go. If you can’t be honest with yourself I’d say scheduling them is the way to go.
  6. Rival

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    Appreciate the advise.
  7. It depends on how you actually do a deload.

    Skipping a week from the gym whilst on cycle won't do you any good. It would be beneficial if you kept the intensity for each workout and cut the volume in half.
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    Exactly what I’ve been doing keeping weight but cutting the reps by 50%. And instead of 5x a week I do 3x. I agree that a week off is not a good idea. I’m approaching week 4 in my training phase, I typically take a deload on week 7 when not training “enhanced”. Tomorrow is my 2nd week on cycle so I’ll see how my body feels by week 7 and take my deloads as necessary just to not risk injury etc...
  9. StarDutchPharma

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    I think most of the advice here for a deload is sound. I personally agree with the method of keeping intensity high but lower volume by about half. Lots of the literature is showing that systemic fatigue is more a factor of overall training volume and less so having to do with intensity (load on the bar). Obviously relative intensity should be lowered (ie drop sets, myo reps, rest pause, etc) and I would err on the side of caution and lower proximity to failure on lifts such as barbell squats and deadlifts. Other than that, a deload can do you loads of good!
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  10. Biggerp73

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    You can't go 100% every workout. A few weeks of breaking past platues, you need a week of reducing the load a bit to allow things to heal up and recharge. For me this includes staying away from failure even on my intense days.
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  11. Rival

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    Just an update in regards to deloads. I was able to go 8 weeks (on cycle) before I started getting that rundown feeling of really needing to deload/rest vs. 6 weeks when not on cycle.

    Cut all volume in half this week at 3x/week vs my regular training block at 5x/week. Feeling back at 100% and ready to hit some PRs again.
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