Delta Pharmaceuticals. Are they legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by spykemalo, Sep 26, 2011.

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    spykemalo Junior Member

    Just as a note, I have not bought these yet, but my source let me take a look at them.

    It's obviously UGL.
    Brand name is Oxandro Pro 10, buy Delta Pharmaceuticals.
    Dark Blue circular tabs, very thin, line down the middle on one side, "DP" on the other side.
    My source is pretty damn legit its just that i cannot find information on this lab anywhere and any other posts on other forums regarding this lab are left unanswered.
    If anyone has experience with these or knows for a fact if the are legit or not, plz let me know.

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    Shane Frankenstein

    Shane Frankenstein Junior Member

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    tmpcalguy Junior Member

    These are a very legit and affordable form of anavar and at a fraction of the cost that others are charging for Anavar. If you trust your Source jump on these while you can.:drooling:

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