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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Haggard, Jan 6, 2004.

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    I saw the informative post by Phreezer a little ways down...But could someone direct me to more information on it? Maybe some articles or websites? thanks bros

    Also Phreezer I saw that you posted session B in the thread down below but it only goes to 7 weeks....I guess we just match it up with the rest of the weeks right?? Like the 10% reduced load and then the higher reps the week following rdcd load....? This training plan looks really good and im excited to try some of these exercises that ive never done...Such as hang cleans, push presses, close grip board press,..... Looks like it is a real strength gainer, especially with someone like me whose never experienced these exercises...
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    Well, I was hoping that Animal Mass would pop in here..He's the guy that WROTE this program bro..I only posted it.

    What more information do you want on it? I would PM Animal Mass and ask him any questions you may have, He is a Mod here, so you'll get the best answers straight from the Horses mouth as it were....

    I Forgot to type in the Max days and reduced load days...I'll try and get in there and post those. Unfortunatly, I had to reformat not too long ago, and lost AM's original word doc. I never did download it again because I always assumed I could just get it from meso if I ever needed it..well now we know that the old messo is gone..so I'm without..Fortunatly we do have Animal MAss to get us through though!! ;)
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    thanks bro, Ill just PM him with my questions...thanks