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  1. Scottyhash74

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    Hey Guys,
    Quock question for those of you who have successfully brewed DHB.
    Anyone get it to hold w 50% EO 50% GSO as their carrier oils?
    Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. vizzorz

    vizzorz Junior Member

    2% ba
    20% BB
    50% eo
    50% mct

    however id bump it up to 60% eo 40% mct. I had a few vials crash but i think that may have been from not mixing it as well.
  3. Scottyhash74

    Scottyhash74 Member

    Thx for your reply bro.
    I haven't heard of MCT oil being usee before as a solvent.
    Did you buy your MCT oil thru Medlabsupply?
    Reason I'm aaking is bcuz i wanted to know if I have to use USP grade or can I get away w any type?
    I heard that it is extremely clear and can be used thru an onsulon needle.
    Thanks again for your input.
    Anyone else successfully brew DHB b4?
  4. Kilowhiskey82

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    I'm currently CRIPPLED from DHB pip! My suggestion is however you brew it mix it with another compound when injecting, like test.

    I was front loading did 1.5 ml @125mg in each butt cheek and each shoulder.... holy F'n HELL...

    Did another batch using E.O. as carrier and it hurts about 50% less.
  5. Scottyhash74

    Scottyhash74 Member

    Thx Kilo,
    Did you brew this yourself? If so, what were the percentages of EO, BB. BA etc.
  6. Kilowhiskey82

    Kilowhiskey82 Junior Member

    Yeah, i brew everything myself. I broke down and bought some Guaiacol and i suggest anybody reading this do the same.

    I had heard how bad this stuff smelled, and WOW, smells like burnt tires and dog hair!
    Here is the G2G can't (or shouldn't) go wrong receip imho.

    2% BA
    10% Guaiacol
    20% BB

    CARRIER: 50/50 E.O. and carrier of choice (Cottonseed or Safflower would be my recommendation)

    (Note: I did 3 different small batches simultaneously using 1) 100% E.O. 2) 50/50 E.O. & Grapeseed 2) 50/50 E.O. & Cottonseed)
    Can't tell much of a difference between 100% E.O. and Cottonseed (E.O. is a little thinner of course) However, the Grapeseed has just the tiniest amount of crystals indicating a slight crash.

    If you don't like E.O. stay at 100mg, and you couldn't PAY me to even attempt 100mg injection without the Guaiacol. (I even had 125mg crash using 100% E.O. and 30% BB!)

    Be careful with this stuff, I was CRIPPLED. This isn't bluster I promise you! I couldn't workout, couldn't hardly sit on the toilet for about 7 days. PIP didnt even get bad until day 3-4 then lasted a whole week! IMG_20180417_181038.jpg
  7. Scottyhash74

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    So the EO isn't enough on it's own? The
    Guaiacol is actually npt a solvent then? More of a buffer to avoid pip? If so, by upping the
    Guaiacol will I avoid even more pip issues?
    Thx once again Bro!!
  8. Kilowhiskey82

    Kilowhiskey82 Junior Member

    Guaiacol is known as a super solvent and this is the very first time I have ever had to use it and not been able to find a workaround. This is one case where I think it is a necessity while other times people are just trying to push the boundaries for super high concentration gear when it is relatively unnecessary. (Test 500 etc).
    Really 100 mg batch that I made without any E.O. or Guaiacol took 30% BB (more than i have ever used) wood Steel have faint crystals in it if the temperature in my house dipped down too low.
    I have had other compounds such as testosterone acetate crash in my muscles and it was fairly painful, but the half life is so miniscule that it is only a day or two of discomfort... This stuff is attached to a cypionate ester and it did not crash in my muscles immediately. Three days later I thought I was completely clear, but whenever this stuff finally crashed in my muscles it didn't go away quickly...
    My whole deltoid doubled in size and was so hard to the touch that it felt like it could burst
  9. master.on

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    How much to dilute it with other gear for little or acceptable PIP?
    i.e. 50%, 33%, 25% DHB
  10. DozerSoldier

    DozerSoldier Member

    The pip horror stories are what turns me off from using it. Doesn't seem worth the problems.
    Unless someone finds a method to reduce pip.

    Maybe if you wanted to run around 1g of Test E and 700mg DHB...
    Make a blend of 75mg Test E and 50mg DHB per ml and pin 2ml ED.(14ml/wk) Maybe split the ml up and pin left glute and right glute 1ml each, next day left delt and right delt. Then high on right and left quad. Then low on left and right quad. Back to glutes. Or add other places.