DHB No Ester?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Marcac250, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Marcac250

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    I tried the search function and google and all I can find is info on DHB cyp for dosing and schedule info. Can anyone provide me with a frequency of injection for utilizing DHB with no ester? It would be much appreciated. The total is 75mg/ml and the target is roughly 350mg per week. Current schedule is EOD at 1.5ml on a slighlty overdosed finished product. Does this sound appropriate or should it be ED frequency at a lower volume?
  2. Elistheman

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    No ester usually last for 2-4 hours and you want to do it EOD? A better option would be prop and even then I would do ED. I have not seen any ester other then cyp for DHB.
  3. Logan44551

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    Never heard of DHB no ester. All other no esters I e heard used as pre workouts only. Never heard of anyone using them as a cycle. That said I think it would need to be administered every day as it has no ester so the half life is very short. I wouldn't mess with it for a cycle
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    My god does this sound painful...
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    DHB at 100/ml in mct oil packs a punch.... Damn
  6. TRT@40

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    Pharmasource first batch was DHB No ester but he thought he had brewed cyp. Surprisingly there were not any that horrible pip reports. He learned after the fact when someone did testing. His current batch on sale now is supposedly DHB cyp.
  7. Marcac250

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    The PIP is terrible and painful. I was hopeful the compound would serve some purpose or benefit in a shorter cycle because the lack of ester. I can tolerate the EOD schedule but not ED. It doesnt matter the volume .5ml hurts just as bad as 1.5ml. Is it senseless to continue on at EOD? Does the fast release and short half life still provide an enhanced result/look/ability while training? Or is this compound useless in this form unless being administered multiple times a day?
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    Same thing I thought as well!
  9. Den84

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    I’m using it now. I did First inj Sunday and pip is atrocious unfortunately (1,5 ml into gluteos)... probably I can’t inject more of 0,5 ml and adding another aas togheter. however I must admit that I am sensitive, and I have often had pips during the years of use. so I don't want to blame the producer.
  10. Gbro

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    Time to rethink this one.
  11. TheH0517

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    Let’s make the most painful steroid more painful? Hard to see gains in a wheelchair. F THAT.
  12. This sounds like a terrible idea.
    lol @Toni72 is running it.
    Made it through 3 ml and is now giving th rest away.

    DHB no ester sounds painful as fuck
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    Wouldn't even use it as a PWO if I was sitting on DHB Mountain.

    Fuck. That
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  14. Toni72

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    The new dhb cyp is very good, but the dhb no ester is very painful for me..but it is very powerful, looks like tren A, mix with 1/1 oil and add another smooth product, maybe .. ..
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