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  1. Mac1056

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    Why is this so hard to find?
  2. TNotch347

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    It’s not
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  3. Tmisatix

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    It’s available on nearly every source thread , lol. You have to look, research and read.
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  4. Mac1056

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    I deal with quite a few sources and I'm sure you know about all of them but only one offers DHB.
  5. Nela

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    Only thing when you finally get it you will complain about pip lol
    Seen it happen so many times
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  6. sixfoot6

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    Yeah fuck dhb, left me a cripple. I’ll just take some tren ace
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  7. Nela

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    Currently runing it now cant say it's all its its meant to be
    400mgs a week with 400mg of npp with 250mgs of test e

    Summer prep

    tren is still number one
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  8. Gear Church on ASF has it. Just got some.

    Now finding legit raws is the hard part..
  9. kodine

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    Have you pinned it yet @NinjaTurtle007? If so is it bad pip?
  10. COBF

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    Two of the more popular sources have it right here! Just finishing 16 weeks of it!! Excellent cycle even though the first 8 weeks were messed up by 80 hour work week!
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  11. Nela

    Nela Member

    What was your dosage and what kind of gains had you noticed from it?
  12. Mac1056

    Mac1056 Member

    Lol gear church is my only source that carries it and I'm pinning eod 100mg and loving it and no pip. It's great stuff and was wondering why a lot of places dont have it.
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  13. The pip can be brutal but it also depends on who made it..

    A few tips..

    The best practice is to pin with at least one other compound like Test C or whatever.

    You also want to draw it last so that when pinning it's the first thing into the muscle which will lessen the chance of it leaking.

    You also want to pin as slowly as possible and then leave the needle in the muscle for a 3-5 count.

    If you've used it before the next may not be needed but if this is a first time use I would start with 1/2 ml each pin for the first 2-4 pins so your body has a chance to adjust to it before bumping up to 1ml or more.

    It is different than other steroids so sometimes it can take people a bit of time to get used to it or adjust to it.
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  15. COBF

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    Those first 8 weeks kinda maintained my condition and size working those hours. Went to a 40 hour work week at 213 lean pounds. Have 2 more shots left and have just exploded these last 8 weeks. Currently at 225 pounds in the same lean condition!! Some pip but bearable with the test cyp mixed in. I ran the dhb a 400mg per week. Wanted to run 600mg but couldnt take more injections!! Good compound!!
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  16. kodine

    kodine Member

    @COBF What brand are you using. My bad if I missed it in a earlier post.
  17. COBF

    COBF Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    No problem! TGI was what I used! 100mg per ml. My body did adjust as the cycle went on! I get more pip from prop and tpp!! Those quick ester tests kill me? I ran cyp along with the dhb!!
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  18. Silentlemon1011

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    But of a shot in the dark bro.... BUT
    Any chance you ran bloods while running the DHB.

    I'm quite interested in adding 400mg to my next cycle, but I keep hearing it can really fuck your lipids. (more so than usual)

    What are your thoughts on it?
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  19. COBF

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    I did not run bloods! Gonna get in a get that done!! I would definitely recommend getting them done though!
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  20. @Mac1056 I found a few more sources that have it as well as raws after a few hrs of searching/emailing. Let me know if you need another hook up.