Dhea and pregnenolone supplementation needed? (trt)

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  1. Daveanthony

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    Currently on trt
    50mg cyp 2/w
    500iu hcg 2/w
    .25 ai 2/w

    Very lethargic, brain fog, hot flashes

    Dhea looks low but im not sure about the pregnenolone. Thanks View attachment 119295
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  2. Michael Scally MD

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    Worthless ...
  3. Daveanthony

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    Forgot to link bloods IMG_0339.JPG
  4. Daveanthony

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    Whats worthless
  5. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    I assume you wrote the OP ...

    "Dhea and pregnenolone supplementation needed? (trt)"
  6. Daveanthony

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    So just leave my dhea levels low? Shouldn’t they be in the 500’s?
  7. Daveanthony

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    Im talking about based on blood levels not based on being on trt
  8. dd340

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    Get off the ai and hcg for a couple of months and see how you feel. I bet a whole lot better.
  9. phenominal34

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    whats your e2 ? I agree , get off the ai completely , and yea u can supplement dhea , also increase your test dosage ….you give no other numbers total t , free t , shbg etc .
  10. Daveanthony

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    Trying to keep balls working im only 28. Is it smart to get off hcg? I only need the ai because of the hcg.
  11. I’d say dhea is only good for when you need a little boost in E levels, otherwise meh you aren’t gonna get much T or anything else, at least in the oral form.

    Re hcg it varies by person, some people feel good with it some don’t. If I was only going off personal experience I’d say you’d feel crappy with just trt, but that might not be true for everyone. Personally I always felt better all around with working ballzz, which is why I terminated that trt and have felt way better. If I had to do hrt I’d do hCG and/or clomid therapy instead of trt. Crappy libido with little to no sensitivity is what trt by itself gave me..
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  12. Daveanthony

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    Glad your doing better man. Iv been considering getting off the trt as well. The trt has helped greatly with the mental issues i was having, but physically has brought on a bunch of new symptoms. I know we talked about this months ago but could you remind me of how you went about your hpta restart incase i decide to go down that road. I have a doctors appointment today but I have been seriously considering it. Thanks
  13. dd340

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    Try going off for a couple months. You can get your fertility back after 2 months with no problem.
    Probably the smartest thing to do is freeze your sperm. Long term hcg is not a great solution. And an ai long term is a horrible idea.
  14. Thanks, trt did help me more in the gym than anything else. Sorry to hear trt is causing new issues. I went on hcg and then clomid long term. Probably not necessary for most, but I thought it ideal for my situation.
  15. *3 months, that’s about the typical time it takes for spermatogenisis. Why do you think hCG is “not a great solution?”
  16. Havah

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    Hey could you elaborate if you have the time please
  17. 350lift

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    No dhea is secreted by the adrenal glands and I forget where or who told me it might of been on this forum but I believe even tho the pituitary is shut down the adrenal hormones are not including dhea.

    However partial test levels come from dhea. And on cycle test levels are 0 if not running test. Which suggests that dhea May be shut down?

    Taking dhea for me will definitely increase cognitive ability and relieve stress that’s a fact it also gives me a seriously untameable libido that tren can’t even beat. However I don’t take it. I also get very balanced non stimulative energy. It’s up to u to try it.

    Pregnebolone down converts to dhea so u could probly just take that if u want dhea as well and all it’s other down stream hormones.

    Another thing to note. Dhea May increase androstenedione I believe which can lead to increased dht.

    No one will be able to give u answers u need to research the functions of these hormones, get a blood test, and if ur numbers are iffy supplement it and see how it helps

    The most tedious and effective way to cover these other hormones is hcg. It’s the closest to natural
  18. TheDogSoldier

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    I think he meant, "DHEA and pregnenolone" are worthless.