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  1. Sparkyp

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    hey has anyone heard or tried this hormone buffer??

    So in my quest to help my low t, I’m trying everything I possibly can as natural as possible. TRT will be my last resort as we all know that works but it’s also the most extreme. I like practicing more natural and holistic methods.

    So my holistic doctor prescribed me 25mg dhea per day. This was about 2 weeks ago.

    My symptoms before were very low sex drive, emotional roller coaster, anger, short fuse, not motivated, tired by late afternoon, irritable. Some of the symptoms got so bad I thought I was severely depressed at one point.

    So after a couple weeks of dhea, the sense of well being can’t be denied. I feel so good. I feel ‘balanced’ my sex drive seemed to make a rebound. Mood has stabled and I feel so much more energy. I don’t think this is placebo as it didn’t really effect me the first week. Now it just seems everyday keeps getting better.

    After this success I started doing some research and ole school B.B. like Leroy Colbert swear by this product. Some countries even banned it and the big one to me is pharmaceutical companies tried patenting it for prescriptions but were denied.

    So this must work if big pharma wants a piece. I read a lot of B.B. that take it to help produce more of their own testosterone.

    This is not a product to be compared to aas. It’s simply a supplement that appears to buffer ones own natural production of hormones.

    All I know is I feel really good and this is the only thing that changed.

    Anyone have experience with this product or know anyone with experience?
  2. Blitz Comet

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    I tried it for 7 weeks and didn't see any effects... however I got mine from Walmart not prescribed so that may be a factor. Any reason youre against TRT?
  3. Sparkyp

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    I shouldn’t say “prescribed” because you don’t need a prescription for this. It was recommended by my holistic doctor. Not sure if it’s the sort of supplement your going to see huge results from especially quickly.
    I don’t notice any body changes but I feel emotionally 10x better. Sex drive is up, energy up, mood stable. So that in of itself has already provided relief.

    I’m def not against trt. See, the way my mind is structured is to try every possible avenue you can 100%. When everything fails, I turn to prescriptions and synthetic medication.

    I’m 35. Going on trt for the next 50 years isn’t something I take lightly. There’s a lot of thought going into this
  4. Blitz Comet

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    Okay that makes sense. What brand DHEA did you use?
  5. Morefyah

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    There’s a couple transdermals on the market that are much better then the pills. Still not worth the money. Imo best left for nattys.
    If your running gear I don’t you’ll benefit very much, especially for the cost.
  6. Sparkyp

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    I’m on the road now but I’ll get you the brand when I get home. Im a realist and I understand nothing will beat trt when one has low t. I just want to explore every possible avenue keeping testosterone as a last resort because although it works the best, it also comes with the most risk and lifetime baggage
  7. gear shef

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    I’d recommend you look into hcg monotherapy
  8. Blitz Comet

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    I second this.
  9. Rosconow

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    In Canada you do need a prescription for DHEA. I am prescribed 50 mg daily as part of my trt protocol. Its a prohormone by definition.

    In the body it can turn into testosterone or estrogen. I asked my doc if he was worried (because i really am) about estrogen conversion, and he was more worried about my test dose being a cause of e2.

    I cant say what it does on its own as i have been taking it with test the whole time, but my research has led me down the ani-aging path such as improved skin elasticity, mood regulation, testosterone up conversion...
  10. Sparkyp

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    what i noticed almost instantly was sex drive went up big time, mood balance and sense of well being also improved. pretty amazing stuff. i read a lot of old school guys would take it with test as well