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    Hi everyone, I was thinking about following a 1 month cycle with quite strong topical DHT, I would like to prevent HPTA suppression problems and testicular atrophy because about 6 months ago I had followed a cycle always with topical DHT for 7-8 weeks and I had noticed a slight atrophy and suppression but I did not follow any pct. I have not taken anything anymore until today.
    So now I bought hcg and was thinking of running it during the DHT cycle to prevent any problems and even, if possible, to reverse the slight testicular atrophy caused 6 months ago.
    I have read some dosages like 250 iu twice a week.
    The cycle with DHT is only 1 month long, should I run HCG from the first week to the last of the month?
    Thank you very much, I need some opinion.
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    Stop doing what you're doing.
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