Did i just fuck up and lose my bitcoincash?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Throwback, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Throwback

    Throwback Member

    Had a brain fart and tried sending bitcoincash from that wallet to my bitcoin wallet.
    Obviously this didnt work.
    Ummmmm...now it all appears to be missing.
  2. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    That sucks, I always copy the address that way there is no way to fuck it up. Hopefully it wasn't a lot of money
  3. Throwback

    Throwback Member

    No...it was $120 and mostly profit from the rise in value.
    But i got in a hurry and rather than using the exchange i sent it from one wallet to the other thinking it would swap into bitcoin magically.
    I dont use it often and ....well i guess i just learned a lesson.
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  5. ounick28

    ounick28 Member

    Ya the only way you can get it back is send them another small payment with a message explaining your situation and hoping they send it back.

    However, for only $120 just use it as a learning lesson and a fun story to tell people.
  6. KL8209

    KL8209 Member

    If you figure it out and do get your $$ back please update the thread as I'm curious to know how you did it / what happened
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  7. Throwback

    Throwback Member

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  8. Throwback

    Throwback Member

    I have looked tried and done all this old man is willing to do and still got no $$$ located.
    Chalk it up to...shoulda paid more attention.
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  9. KL8209

    KL8209 Member

    Sorry to hear man. Although it's $120, at least it's only $120 and not hundreds
  10. So1970

    So1970 Junior Member

    That sucks never used bitcoin so I have no idea sorry for your loss