Did TRT have any effect on your facial hair?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by mlc2010, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. mlc2010

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    I can grow a decent beard, it's just not dense. Just did my first week of TRT, nothing to report yet of course. I'm 34, I have decent coverage from sideburns to chin, moustache is fine, but have a bald patch either side of goatee, which I see a lot of guys have

    does TRT boost density in beards?

    I know DHT is responsible for HAIR LOSS, but its responsible for body hair growth and beard growth ( such a strange phenomenon )
  2. Giveitago

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    Yes. Had a big impact for me.
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  3. kosp

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    I used steroids for the first time at 18. Almost no beard then.

    right after a Sustanon cycle, in between 19-20 years old, my face was becoming a shrub.

    I guess that age is important in the beard development and I think steroids did give it a boost. Gains forever.
  4. J DUGIN

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    No increase in facial hair but back hair came on crazy.
  5. I already had super thick facial hair, can’t tell if it made a difference, but it’s caused my once hairless shoulders and back to sprout hair, even a few hairs on the very outside of my ear, thankfully not on the inside lol. If it fails to give you more facial feel free to take some of mine, been wanting to laser it to clear it up some.
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  6. Btcowboy

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    I am one of the ones that cant grow a beard if my life depended on it. Ran a 15 wk 500mg test c cycle and still cruising at 200 now, have found facial hair grows thicker and quicker. Used to shave once a week now I cant get past 2 days without getting shit at work.

    Also wife says since I have been on my back hair has exploded lol
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  7. Tinytim

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    Yeah, your going to grow hair everywhere you didnt want it, give it time, and then you be a true SILVER BACK
  8. Demondosage

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    Ingrown hairs on my face aren't uncommon. The only way I don't get them is to use a brush to aggravate the area with shaving cream and loosen hairs up before shaving, then shave with a straight safety razor. Fuck a cheap fusion blade or any of that other shit, give me straight razors
  9. balco

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    Huh? I didn't see anyone mention ingrown hairs.

    I started TRT around 2 years ago, before I started I had thin facial hair, but within 6 months it got extremely thick and dense. The only downside is the fact that you grow new hair in new areas and it all gets denser, I'm personally not a fan of body hair, but I accept it because of all the positive sides.
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  10. johntt44

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    I shaved like once a week when I was 24yo. Im 50 now and can grow a full beard. Trt made no difference for me though. I was already 45 when I started.
  11. LeoTC

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    Yep, shoulders is about the only place I saw a difference, and ears maybe.
  12. dd340

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    I have always had a fairly thick beard to go along with lots of chest hair. My beard seems to be more course which I notice when shaving and my chest hair grows faster. I haven’t noticed any new hair growth on my back or anywhere else though
  13. bbrsimon50

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    I've only been on trt for 9 months but no changes in facial hair growth here.
  14. Pertoms

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    After about 3 years on TRT didn't notice any significant changes in facial hair.
  15. Perrin Aybara

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    Blasting and cruising almost four years now and zero changes in facial hair. Body hair on the other hand has increased quite a bit.