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Hey guys. In the middle of a cut and not really seeing any progress. What was working for a while has somewhat plateaued, I'll put all my stats, training, and nutrition info below. I know my shit, and it has worked well for sometime now (23%bf at 230lbs to 14% at 210) but just anything you feel could help, feel free to post below.

24 years old.
6'2" 210lbs
Goal: Go from 16-14% bf to 10-12% bf
2 previous cycles
Current Cycle:
Weeks 1-10 150mg test prop eod
Weeks 6-10 25 mg anavar ed
I'm on week 3 at the moment and just started feeling the test really kick in. I know I'm going to put on a little muscle mass with the test, but I'm not seeing the rate of fat loss id like to see..

I eat on campus at my university's cafeteria, so the exact foods for lunch and dinner may slightly vary. However, they list the nutrional facts for all foods and I am able to keep a log of all calories and macros.

Breakfast: 7:30am
1 omlet with bacon and ham pieces inside
4 hard boiled egg whites
1 glass of OJ

Lunch: 11am
1 small grilled chicken breast

Dinner: 3pm
1 small grilled chicken breast or 2 small slices of pork loin
10 or so small sweet potatoe frys

Dinner (again): 5:30 pm
Basically the same as dinner 1 above

Protein shakes: whey protein, 1 scoop with water twice a day.

Mon-Fri fasted cardio at 5:30am-7:00am.. Usually 60:120 interval sprints, 3-5 mile runs, tabata style calisthenics, etc

For my sets & reps, I usually do a 10,8,6,4 for the biggest lifts of the muscle (flat and incline bench, hack squats and front squats, etc.. And then move on to 3 or 4 sets of 8 for the remaining lifts)

Monday: Legs (our university faced a law suit for a dumbbass back squatting so now they only allow hack squats and front squats)

Hack Squats
Front Squats
Dumbbell Lunges
Leg Press
Leg ext (quads)------superset
Leg curls (hamstrings)----superset
Calf raises

Tuesday: back and biceps
Dead lifts
Seated cable rows
Lat pulldowns
Reverse machine flys
EZ bar curls
Hammer curls
Dumbbell alt curls
Preacher curl machine burnout

Wednesday: chest and shoulders
Bench press
Incline bench press
Vertical seated machine press
Machine chest flys
Arnold press
Front/Lat raise superset x3
Rear Delt flys
Shoulder press machine burnout

Thursday: light arms and abs

Friday: legs and back
Saturday & Sunday: rest, maybe a light chest day just to keep the juices flowing

Is there any supplements I could take to make the fast loss move a little faster?
At one bf % does it come more necessary to do abs?
What visual changes can i expect from the anavar once I reach week 5?
Could I do some extra cardio after my lifts?
If so what would be good?
Could I take out carbs altogether and see how I feel?
I know that a lot of this stuff is trial and error but I don't want to waste anymore time trying things unsuccessfully. Summer will be here before you know it and I want abs by then. I have that look now where I don't look fat at all but the abs just aren't quite showing. (And don't try to convince me they never will!)

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