Diet after steroid cycle?

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    Dalle Junior Member

    Hi guys...

    I have just finish of a cycle with Test Enanthate and EQ for 14 weeks, I'm on hcg as we speak, and starting on nolvadex 10 days from now..
    My fat "storage" is a bit high 22 %:eek: So I really want to get ripped before the sommer comes, or at least get at bit more ripped.. I have talked with a BB trainer and he told me that I could easily start cutting down already without worring about muschle loss, of course I will loose a bit when I'm dieting but not more than I would normally loose.
    What are your experience with this?

    Sorry for my english guys..
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    Reinheart Member

    I would wait a little bit keeping my calories up to maintain the muscles i gained and then i would gradually reduce my carbs and my calories, increase my protein intake and water intake.
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    jsupstarz Junior Member

    The most important thing is to eat a decent protein intake and DON"T stop resistance training. I would cut 500 cals for 2 weeks then another 500 for 2 weeks etc. If your body is used to a lot of food and you just stop eating cals your body will go into starvation mode slow your metabolism way down SEE>
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    cormudgen Junior Member

    I personally feel that cutting directly after getting off a cycle is the worst time to cut. Your body is already in a state of losing muscle mass at that point. Your test production is not back up to normal yet, so you are having twice as hard a time to produce muscle. I would cut calories back a little bit, although I would not go into full "cut mode" until after pct.
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    TrapsBHuge Junior Member

    Don't diet till at least 8 weeks after cycle, or you will lose lots of muscle!!!
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    I disagree with the trainer because you will lose muscle without even dieting. If you diet now my guess would be you will lose close to 50/50 muscle/fat right after a cycle. I agree with cormudgen 100%.
    You should have been losing fat during the cycle if your 22% BF which is extremely high.
    What you did is like detailing your new car just to drive it through the mud. Makes no sense.
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