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  1. Evilgainz

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    Hey everyone, i needed your guys opinion on a clean diet. As you can see in the picture i need to lose the bf% now. Heres a quick draft my diet plan. Thanks for the help

    Plan to run a cycle a 12 week cycle of test p, tren , and mast

    Meal 1: 80g raw oats, 20g peanut butter, 2 scoops of quickmass protein with a cup of whole milk ; (1055 cals / 52g protein/ 28g fat)

    Meal 2: 2 perdue breaded chicken breasts cutlets and 100g brown rice (618cal / 27g protein/ 23g fat)

    Meal 3: 8oz chicken breast and 100g brown rice (593 cal / 75g protein/ 9g fat)

    A fruit either apple, banana, or an orange

    Meal 4:4 whole eggs and 1 whole wheat toast (382 cal / 28g protein / 21g fat)

    Meal 5: 8 oz steak and a bowl of veggies (614 cal roughly/ 56g protein/ 43g fat)

    Meal 6:2 scoops quickmass protein with a cup of milk and 20g peanut butter (755cal/ 42g protein / 22g fat)

    Total: 4017 cal / 280g protein / 146 fat (did not include olive oil etc)

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  2. brutus79

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    Drop the quick mass bullshit and breading.
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  3. JackSmooth

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    If you want a protein shake throw some egg whites(pasteurized) into milk or drink straight
  4. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Junior Member

    So u guys saying dont drink protein shake at all? It just makes things easier when i wake up early for work and i have like 6lbs of it laying around
  5. Arcânn

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    Generally speaking, it's better to get your protein from actual food than from powder shakes. When I make shakes, they're just milk (2% or skim, depending on the meal plan I'm on), peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, and cereal. I'm sure that could use some tweeking, but it's better for you (and probably more effective) than milk and powder.
  6. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Junior Member

    Ok will drop the protein shake, that would drop 1010cals puts me at 3007 cals roughly. I could try to increase size of chicken or steak portion right? Should i change anything else in here
  7. tengtren

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    Just as quick to slam a carton of egg whites.(50p) add some sugar free coffee creamer to it and it's even easier

    If you don't like that get some hydrolyzed whey, much cleaner, don't waste your time with powders man

    Tengrams quickmass equivalent: blend egg whites a nut butter and quick oats

    and get rid of the breaded chicken fat boii ;)
  8. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Junior Member

    Lol will drop the breaded chicken and stick to chicken breast ... i will try drinking the egg whites (tryed to gulp whole eggs before was a fail lol) do i still keep my 4 whole eggs with toast which i usally eat before lifting in the evening?
  9. tengtren

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    Yeah that's fine , by egg whites we mean pasteurized that you get in a carton

    If you have access to Costco they have boxes of 6 50gp cartons for 8.99 can't beat that.
    They used to be 7.99 :(

    Simply use the tengrams meal replacement shake in place of the quick mass

    A simple 50gp EW half or full cup oats(make sure quick oats or the shit won't blend) and 1 or 2 tbsp nut butter of your choice (this has been my first meal and wake up in the night go to for YEARS)
  10. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Junior Member

    Yea i have bjs same as costco ill grab some egg white cartons. I tried to find the tengrams u mentioned but found no info anywhere lol
    So for the tengrams meal replacement simply throw 50p raw egg white wirh a cup of raw oatmeal in the blender with scoop of peanut butter right? hopefully will get used to chuggin this down lol
  11. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    I am tengrams by boy :)
    The shake is nothing new I just coined it with my name on it lol

    I am tengtren AKA tengrams
  12. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Junior Member

    Lmao i did think it was u , just didnt want to be wrong about it
  13. fodsod

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    Liquid egg whites are great but they can potentially fuck up your stomach if you drink them straight. You'll have gas from hell too. It doesn't happen to everyone but the majority it does.

    I drink ON protein powder all the way up to 2 weeks out from a show with no issues. So I think as long as the powder you have is low carb (less than 3 grams per serving) it's fine.

    Sure, all food diet is optimal and all that but you're not training for the Olympia and the added cost of an all food diet plus the inconvenience will probably have you screwing it up at some point during the cut.

    Cutting is just about numbers and making accurate assessments of where you are so you can decide what to do next. Set your protein, set your fat and play with the carb numbers. That's all you really need to do. Reduce total intake by 500 calories a day to start.

    That 500 can be all food or all cardio or a combo of both. Cutting food is only 1 way to create a deficit and the best way to ensure you'll be miserable. Just bump it back and forth. When you stall, add another day of cardio, the next time you reduce calories and so on in what ever combination you feel works best for you. Carb cycling will help some from you plateauing as it keeps your body guessing everyday.

    Once all that is up and running you can introduce the ECA stack, clen, albuterol or t3 or whatever fat burners you want to run to assist your progress.
  14. Mayne

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    I wonder where the notion that protein powder is inefficient came from cause every article I have read on ncbi pointed the other way.
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  15. fodsod

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    It’s been around a long time. Rich Piana (RIP) was big on “eat real food” and most top level guys (most) stick to whole food but they have the money and the time to do so.

    It’s mostly about having total control of everything going into your body. When you’re livelihood depends on how you look then it all matters. Although, there are still plenty of pros and national level competitors that use protein powders daily even in prep.

    At some point you have to factor in the ease and convenience of protein powder to save time or cut costs in the real world we all live where being busy is an understatement.
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