diet and cardio while on Winstrol?? help please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by bigmike, Dec 19, 2003.

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    bigmike Junior Member

    i am taking winstrol alone for the last five weeks at 50mg ED. i was wondering if i have to change my diet, i was taking eq and test enan and i was eating around 4000 calories a day. should i eat less calories, maybe from carbs? and should i run at all? any help is appreciated
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    stevemac Junior Member

    depends on what you're going for but I would cut down on the calories myself.
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    Grizzly Member

    Exactly, what's the goal of this? Why are you only using winstrol? Answer these and answers may come to you.
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    bigmike Junior Member

    i am only taking winstrol b/c i didnt like the way the test made me feel mentally and so i just stopped the test and eq. i told myself also that i was happy with my size and need to take a break from bodybuilding to committ to school. i figured since i was big enough the winstrol would help harden me up, getting rid of water and burn fat and add a lil muscle. i cant get any smaller than i am just by taking winstrol
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    Grizzly Member

    Winstrol doesn't burn fat. Your diet burns fat.
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    Desibaba Member

    I have read on many boards that winstrol inhibits the hormone aldosterone(a hormone that causes water retention).Similar to the way the anti cortisol drug cytradren does.Which is why both these compounds cause a leaner look.Winstol does NOT burn fat any more than any other steroid.But when the body is holding less water it gives the APPEARANCE of being leaner.Im sure Hogg can explain this in a better way than i can.

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