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    Hey Meso long long time lurker


    I've been training on off for a couple of years. Pretty serious the last year and a half. I was very skinny fat. I have managed in the last year and a half to add on roughly 40 pounds through what they call a "dirty" bulk

    My current diet is very ritualistic, same thing every day for the most part. I am wanting to finally cut, and want to make sure I have my diet on check

    Breakfast (6:20am) - 1/2 or 3/4 cup oatmeal with a drizzle honey
    Snack (9am) - 1 oz or 1.5 oz almonds or walnuts
    Lunch (12pm) 8-12 oz chicken breast and sweet potatoes
    Work out (3:30-5pm)
    Dinner (5:30-6:30 pm) Either 4-5 eggs, 8-12 oz chicken, broccoli or sometimes fish

    As far as supplements go, I am on TRT and I have been taking creatine for sometime and a multivitamin and that is it.

    I am open to any advice, because I basically made this diet up on my own. I am just wanting to shred down on some fat to see where I am at
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    Are those chicken figures raw or cooked weight?
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    It's pretty much just numbers man, figure out your numbers
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  4. iceman440

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    That is cooked weight. And I use a scale

    Twice a week I usually cook up all my chicken and vegetables and put them into 3-4 containers for work
  5. iceman440

    iceman440 Member Supporter

    I have actually already read that post! I have been lurking for a long time ... lol

    I guess more or less what I was asking, is the diet good? Is the food that I need all there, or am I missing something? I have lost 10 pounds since I started this particular diet.

    I was also curious if I am getting enough carbs in during my lunch to help sustain me during my work out.

    And as far as the numbers go, do you mean finding my maintenance calories and just subtracting 500?
  6. AnTabolic73

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    Okay. At first glance I thought maybe your protein was too low. I like to keep protein high regardless of cutting or bulking.

    Without punching the numbers in, I'd say you would definitely lose weight with that diet. It looks to be an aggressive deficit.

    If you can maintain that boring diet for a bit, with training, at your size, you'll lose weight with that diet.

    You'll also go insane from lack of variety. But that's a whole other subject.
  7. iceman440

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    So is my protein good enough? And regarding the variety, I actually really like chicken and sweet potatoes. The oatmeal I have to choke down, but it is the easiest thing for me to do in the morning lol

    I am trying to do an all complex carb and lean protein. If you have any other suggestions for foods, I am all ears.

    One issue I do run into, when its dinner time my family does not want to eat what I am eating, so sometimes I have to eat something I should not. I would have no issues making a healthy dinner that meets my needs, I am just not sure what all food I can eat
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    Aim for the higher end. So 12oz lunch and dinner. 24oz altogether. That'll put you close to the 200grams mark. Maybe add a cup of egg whites in the morning. Or post workout with 2 slices of bread. You can do whole grain if you want. But dont kill yourself. Physique wise its not gonna make much a difference.

    So with the 24oz of chicken, cup of eggwhites that's around 220p. That's right around where you wanna be at your size. I usually recommend 1 gram per body weight. At 230 youre short a bit, but since your cutting that 230 wont stick around long. And you really dont need 1gram per lbs. It's just easy to remember and better to be a little over than under.

    That right there is about 1500 calories, I dodnt factor in the brocolli and the sweet potatoes. You didnt give numbers for them. But I doubt its 500 calories worth.

    So you have yourself a real aggressive calorie deficit. So you will lose fat. Keep protein high, and keep lifting weights to minimize any muscle loss.
  9. tengtren

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    Yes that's what I meant by that, depending how quickly you want to lose fat you can subtract bigger numbers but that comes at a risk if your not enhanced

    I just reread your first post, your only getting protein in 2 meals??
  10. Fryguy

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    I saw great results with 110gC/220gP/80gF. I'm 5'11" 220lbs cut from 236lbs. You can always carb cycle if you hit a plateau.
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  11. YOU'RE. YOU'RE, GOD DAMN IT. Shit! Thought i was signed in as @Xragexx again. Ehh, i'm tired, i'll try this again tomorrow.
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  12. iceman440

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    Thanks for all the help. I did forget to mention, every now and then I will have a very small bowl of cottage cheese before bed. I am been self thought that carbs are a bad thing, so its hard for me to fix this in my mind

    I am always trying to find low to 0 carb snacks that I can have to add some calories in
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    HIGHRISK Member

    If you have some extra cash maybe look into @Atlas_Physiques They will set you up with just a diet plan or diet,aas and workout plan. There’s a few members here using them including myself. They have a thread here.
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  14. Serono

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    Honestly, it is so much better to turn it over to someone else, and not even have to think. You just execute the plan.

    Even if you know what you are doing it is easy to play mental gymnastics, and make stupid decisions, when it comes to your own training and nutrition. If you have the spare cash, it really is a no brainer.
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  15. iceman440

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    I have never really thought about it before. I Had been curious about upping my TRT dosages to see where that would get me.

    I just figured if I ate very clean (I think I am) and lifted weights the pounds would start to come off.