Diet soda (coke zero) during a cut?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by nervje, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. nervje

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    Has anyone experience with this?
    Regardless of the chemicals inside, would it help prevent sugar cravings because of its sweet taste?
    After week2 of my diets i always start to crave sugar heavily, so i kinda try to find ways to avoid it and found a few people talking about how coke zero helps them during their cut because it doesnt put on fat because it has 0 cals..anyone can confirm?
  2. fodsod

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    Diet Coke, Cherry Coke Zero and many other "sugar free" soda drinks are a staple in many prep protocols. Zero calorie water flavorings are also an excellent calorie free diversion.

    It's all about balance. Anything you over-do is a negative. I developed acid reflux during one prep because I was drinking as much diet coke as I was water. I backed off the diet coke and it went away.

    I've personally used all of the above and have never had an issue getting down to low single digit bf%s.
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  3. nervje

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    Great to have you reply to this question hah, thank you. I was really curious. For me, when i hear coke, i immediately think about getting fatter. Will have to try it out then..
  4. Kracken

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    Actually it just causes me to want more sweet stuff. If I just drink water I'm better off. YMMV.
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  5. TRT

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    Bro, met an NPC competitor at the gym a few months back and asked him what helps on cuts for him. He told me Coke Zero. So I went with caffeine free Coke Zero and I've been hooked ever since. Every time I have a sugar craving I drink one. I always promise myself that if I still want sugar after I'll give in but I NEVER do. I'm completely satisfied. Wish I knew about this years ago. It keeps me on clean bulks too. Makes cuts even easier when the time comes.

    But like it was already mentioned I'd use in moderation cause it could come back to bit you especially during a prep.
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  6. nervje

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    I try that too, starting tomorrow
  7. nervje

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    Just to clarify and fix my ocd, were talking about the black coke zero, labeled in black, not the diet coke labeled in grey silver, thats just less sugar but still sugared?

    My ocd forces me to ask this lol
  8. TRT

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    Yes. The black can.
  9. Girth

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    This must not apply to all, but I too fall in this camp. Must be a brain/chemistry/wiring thing. For those of us that do nothing "small", just a bit is worse than none at all. Cold turkey is sometimes the only way and just keeping that up UNTIL you get past the craving point. Then you just plain forget it. Veggies really seem to help in that regard.
  10. fodsod

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    Other than the taste Coke Zero in the black can and Diet Coke in the silver are the same (calorie free). Drink as much as you want of either one. The cherry version of Coke Zero is also calorie free and tastes great.

    I’ve used all of them regularly with no issues regarding fat loss. As I stated before, too much might cause you some acid reflux or heart burn issues but it won’t prevent fat loss.