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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by bigdaddydrew, Sep 19, 2007.

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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    anybody here diet on tren, ive been doing strict contest diet, started at 217 now am 205 ish, im getting leaner , been on diet 11 weeks, thought id lose more weight than this ,not really complaining tho. bf is dropping. i went to 210 the first week so really havnt lost much in the way of weight last 9 weeks. ive heard from some guys they cant lose weightr on tren ,whats your experiences.
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    PUMPED101 Junior Member

    you should be worried about loosing bodyfat...dropping from say 10% to 6%

    weight is not an accurate measurement...seeing on how you might be gaining lbm on tren which means you are gaining lean muscle while loosing overall weight loss is not as great..but you might have dropped 4 % bodyfat which is a lot
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    definitely loss bf, so not too worried.gonna tweak my diet a little this week see what happens.
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    Stormbringer Junior Member

    Completely normal like the others have already said. Eat really clean and high calories and your wieght might even start going back up while your BF keeps dropping. Is this all you are on is tren and how much?
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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    no , test prop 75 eod, tren 75 eod, winnie 50/ day. gonna drop prop about 4 weeks b4 show,keeping tren , winnie right through, was doing test e up to last week, switched to prop when i dropped enanthate, suspect iwill lose water after test haas cleared,hopefully be shredded about 180lbs .first time on tren first time on anything for a contest, estimte im about 20 lbs up from last show 3 years ago .luv tren
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    Stormbringer Junior Member

    How far out from the Show are you and what is the cut off wieght for the class your shooting for? You might want to add in something to cut estrogen and more water depending on what your BF level is. Your not giving us much to work with here and it seems to be getting down to the wire. How did you place in your show 3 years ago?
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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    placed first lightweight,, added nolvadex this week too 20 mg, i feel im on target now had an assessment from bber at gym says im within 15 lbs, have 7 weeks. he said fat is gone just water now, which is easier to get rid of than bf, i was just worrying about not seeing weight drop like when i dieted clean,but if bf is gone im right on track, everything is there just slightly obscured by extra water, i think with nolva plus when test leaves my system ill be bang plan is if im shreddedat 185ish thats where im goin, but if iget close to 180 ill sauna down to middle which is 176 here. what doyou think?
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    danasti Junior Member

    tren is awesome of bulking or cutting. Eat at a caloric surplus and gain weight. Eat at a caloric deficit and lose weight. Tren is probably the best AAS at moving these goals along. All AAS are great at preserving LBM when eating at a deficit as long as protein stays high - so the deficit or surplus is established with carbs and fat. Generally, I think protein can stay the same in either a bulk or a cut.

    Since you are saying that most of your weightloss came in the first two weeks that says to me that your diet has essentially stayed the same. In any cutting diet the new maintenance level has to be calculated every week and more calories, carbs and fat have to be subtracted. When you stop losing (or gaining when bulking), you know you have plateaued. With ANY diet, AAS or no AAS, if you eat a deficit you will continue to lose weight (unless you have a rare medical condition). The most common mistake in a diet is people fail to account for the new maintenance. Another common mistake is that people don't count calories or really know how to eat for a specific weight. Calcualting your maintenance is one of the most important parts of any cycle. Whether you are adding or subtracting calories you need to know that baseline and keep it updated for your current weight, body fat and calories burnt.

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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    right now im eating 50 grams of carbs, 250 grams of protein plus efas.i started at 150 grams of carbs have reduced every couple of weeks til this point. training 6 days a weeek with 40 min of intense cardio. i think the difference is idid eveything essentially the same as every other show, except this time the gear is maintaining alot more muscle. so weight loss is slower ,but bf loss is steady. definitely cant see being more strict than i am now with diet. next two weeks should tell the tale.
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    iluvdeadlifts Junior Member

    I'm training for a comp now as well, just over 7 weeks out and I'm 11.4% bf @106.5kg

    My bf% is dropping every week and my diet has stayed basically the same. Instead of 40mins intense cardio try doing sprint sessions in the morning before food and then 60mins slow steady rate cardio at night. An example sprint session would be:

    Spint 50m take 30 seconds break (repeat x 10) = 1 set

    Do 3 sets of this and take 5 mins break between sets. As for training, if you need to drop weight quickly, have a look for a "Porky Pig" program (yes there is such a program - also called the fat bitch program) or "German Body Composition"

    I always use one of these programs coming up to competition and I find it helps a lot

    Hope this helps

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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    yes always good to mix up intensity, how about cheat days do you guys do em if so how often
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    bigbench Member

    I will use a cheat day, but not for SHIT food. I usually go very low carbs for a long time, when I see my progress slowing down, then I will have a HUGE carb day. I will get down to 100-200 grams of carbs a day, and maybe after 8-10 weeks, I will have a day where I eat about 1000 grams. Maybe even the whole weekend. Not only does it make the diet easier, it will fill you back with energy. Fill your muscles back up, and actually gets your metabolism back on track and burning again
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    bigdaddydrew Junior Member

    have you tried junk load for 1 qay a week, ive been using it with great success so far, it certainly fills you back up, theory is it restarts your slowed down metabolism.curious to see how many competitors on this board use it
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    jasthace Member

    I try to stay on diet for ALAP before I really need a carb boost,including simple sugars.{Just one good scoff, at night after a workout,can help}this can include cake{yum}
    Then its back to the strict diet for as long as I can sustain again.
    There is a definate boost in strength and energy levels again.
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    bigbench Member

    I will, but I dont like to eat THAT m uch fast food and all. I think I have gone so long without it that it makes me feel worse than anything. But I will eat pretty much anything I want to. I have had days where I will try to eat about 10,000 cals of anything i can. It does make a HUGE diff. I might gain a few pounds of water weight, but in the next two weeks i will ose about 6-8 pounds
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    Stormbringer Junior Member

    You do not have to do this with junk. You cycle your Hi / Low carb days so your body regulates itself back in to burn mode. This can be as simple as tacking on extra 300 cals of clean carbs for three days then dropping it back to where you were on your planned contest diet. Some carb cycle for an entire contest diet but I do not personally think this is very effective unless you want to loose a lot of muscle.

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