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  1. So as most of us do we consume large amounts of protein and have high calorie diets. I’m curious what supplements or Whole Foods people are using to help with digestion. Seems a lot of people have their own tricks of the trade out there when it comes to a favorite meal or adding something to a meal to help. Also, supplements added to a shake or inbetween meals as well. I really want to ramp up my calorie intake and protein will be high soon. I’d like to keep digestion rolling as smoothly as possible.

    Also, do you see a difference in performing a brisk walk after a meal? Cardio at various time of the day as well to help speed things along ?
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    Definitely following. I’m around 2,400 calories at the end of this cut. Low carbs, therefore low fiber. I’m lucky to go to the restroom every day. Sometimes go 2 days without going. I take probiotics, eat veggies and greens 3-4 time a day, and use 2tbsp psyllium husk 1-2 times daily. Just started taking senna at night. Also consuming over 1.5 gallons water and electrolytes daily. Still not helping much though. I’m trying to make sure I’m digesting properly before I begin adding calories back.
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    My new trainer has me on probiotics 1x per day in the morning, then digestive enzymes after every single meal. I just started this 2 weeks ago so can’t comment yet on its effectiveness. He swears by it though, and everyone is expecting him to go pro at his next event in 8 weeks so he’s definitely doing something right.
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    Apple cider vinegar. Especially after heavy carb meals. Now brand digestive enzyme. Dog walk after dinner.
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    Chew your food more than you think you should when it comes to meats/protein (seriously). I also take a basic acidopholis probiotic and some kefir occasionally just to keep the gut biome in check as much as possible.
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    Physillum Husk 2-3 times a day with food.
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    Eat your protein first then your carbs and fats
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  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys. A lot of great information I definitely going to utilize.
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    Metamucil 3x a day
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    these are in no order in words of priority and a lot of the time ill cycle them in and out.

    first off CARDIO for me is the main proponent in my digestion and successful elimination.
    -Apple cider vinegar
    -COD LIVER OIL.contains vit. A E D K great for digestion and overall health.
    -WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN C none of that ascorbic acid bullshit through all that garbage away it binds to iron. i.e. HIGH HEMATOCRIT
    -PROBIOTICS i like a brand called jigsaw. i also like kiefer if I'm not cutting.
    -MAGNESIUM. so the therapeutic dose of magnesium, lets say 1g. ok? mag glycinate you take a gram no issue yeah? you take a gram of mag CITRATE. FUCKING A you will shit everything you've ever ate since you were born. so this form citrate can be used to advantage for us if used properly.

    this are my arsenal for proper digestion and elimination. USE ALL AT ONCE = test deca dbol you dig? :D
  12. I always take 30-minute walks after eating huge meals. So far it seems to do the trick.