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    Test 1 Cyp, heard of this new one from a friend. I keep reading and peeps talking that it's like tren minus the harsh effects. Also if it's over 100mg per ML the pip is horrible. Either way Google didn't have any new recent experiences. Would like to hear some recent feedback if anyone has used it and results you had. Thanks.
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    No. Somebody must have fucked up a brew somehow and had bad pip and now everyone and their mom repeats that stupid story.

    I am so fucking tired of people just regurgitating whatever they read on the internet about this shit.

    I've brewed it at 200mg/ml. No pip. Injected it a few times just to try it out. Didn't run it long enough as I have been fuckin sick this last week. Not sure when I'll run it. I wanna get big as fuck before I run it.
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    The batches I had did have some PIP, but it wasn't bad. It was nothing when mixed 50/50 in the syringe with test e.

    The transdermal 1-test products in the mid 2000s were also known for being uncomfortable.
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    Another designer AAS who's claims never lives up to the hype
    or the risk IMO

    Heck exclusive of knowing advertising statements an AAS is "new and improved", why would any UGL bother manufacturing compounds with such
    limited evidence to support their use anecdotal or otherwise.

    For that reason I suspect another name for DIHYROBOLODENONE is
    testosterone or some other AAS
    producers need to unload.
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    I think you're confused with 1-testosterone.

    Perhaps you should do some research and DHB before condeming it as a designer steroid.
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    Quality hormone. I've dosed it @ 400mg per week with good results. Plenty of feedback from another board.

    It's not very androgenic or estrogenic, just mildly anabolic. Sort of a stronger EQ or Primo.
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    How long did you use it and did you have any bad sides from it? Can you say what other board and elaborate on your results with it. Did you pin ED of EOD or all at one time per week? Excuse my questions but if it lives up to the hype this will marry nicely with tren. I'm using 80mg per day right now.
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    Used it for 8 weeks. Pinned 100mg four times a week. It was during a bulk, the main driver of the bulk was Deca but the DHB was a good addition towards the end and it kept me growing and full.

    You can definitely grow off it. Personally I'd always include one of the big two (test or deca) as the base by this works as a nice secondary compound.

    600 deca
    400 DHB
    250 test

    For example would be decent.

    If you want to use it as the main growth compound just be aware that gains won't be as prominent as test or deca.
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    @penche So how'd you like dhb?

    How does it compare to tren or primo.
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    What up brotha! My review on DHB is this. The strength increase was not as pronounced in comparison to Tren. We obviously know that however it was close. Vascularity was on point with DHB and the side effects were not as harsh vs Tren. I’ve ran Primo and hands down DHB defeats it in my opinion. DHB after 10 weeks was giving me slight lethargic side effect, just like Tren would. The pip on DHB is delayed and you’ll feel it after 2-3 days esp on quads. That’s dosed at 100mg per ml. Overall was great stair rod and I would recommend it for vascularity and strength.
  12. AnTabolic73

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    Thanks bro. Any advice on how to brew it?
  13. penche

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    Indeed my friend. PPL uses guiac as a solvent when they brew dhb. However, I can’t stand the smell of it. Decided not to use that solvent.

    I increased the B.B. to 19.5% and Went with 1.5% BA for 10grams. Mix the raw and your solvents first with a little dry heat. After dissolving add carrier to desired MG.
    I wouldn’t go over 100mg per ml as it could have annoying pip. Not crippling but nuisance.

    Do you have a graduated beaker you can use, i believe you’re familiar with brewing if I’m not mistaken?
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  14. AnTabolic73

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    Yea sir.

    I was thinking maybe trying ethyl oleate or miglyol to help thin it out a bit. What do you think about using just eo, ba and bb. Might hold at higher than 100mg?

    I'm still in the planning stages. I was gonna hold off and run a long primo run. But dhb raws are like half the price of primo raws.
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    Do RoidTest or Labmax can tell true DHB from Test or some other steroid?
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