Diluting gear?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by dling, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. dling

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    I have 2 - 10 ml vials of 400mg enanthate. I took a shot and had a bad reaction to it. I hate to waste it. Could I dilute it? If so how? They use miglyol 812.
  2. bambam333

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    You can use the carrier oil. Half carrier oil half of that would make it 200mg. Just adjust the math
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    ^ just needs a sterile oil to cut it with
  4. dling

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    Do you all know where I could buy a small quantity of the oil and sterilized capped 20ml vials?
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    This might be easier then searching through the home brew forum.
  7. dling

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    Can you mix oils? Original is myglyol 812
  8. Rosconow

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  9. Rosconow

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    I have a vial of sterilized cotton seed oil just for cutting down "pip" gear.
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  10. master.on

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    You can use either MIG or some other oil to dilute it.
    You'll need to sterile filter it though.
  11. dling

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    So I bought some capped sterile 10 ml vials, and some sterile filtered grape seed oil. So all I need to do is just mix that 50/50 and stir It up good?
  12. Iron Vett

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    You could warm it up a bit and it will help the oils to mix a little faster. It’s gonna look kinda ugly when you first put the new oil in until it mixes with the old
  13. dling

    dling Junior Member

    Maybe let the vials sit in hot water?
  14. Iron Vett

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    I’m not a fan of having water around gear. I’d set it on the counter with a hair drier blowing on it. That actually gets it pretty warm.
  15. Jstone2

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    If you do this you will have to filter it. If the sterile oil you bought is already in a vial like the picture in takeshi's post all you need to do is draw up how much sterile oil you want with your test, and shoot it.