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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by drp90210, Dec 26, 2006.

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    drp90210 Junior Member

    I've been reading a lot about DIM on this board, but I'm confused as to dosages. Some DIM products are 100% diindolylmethane (DIM), so whan one takes 120 milligrms of that, one gets 120 milligrams of DIM. But most products seem to combine DIM with a "delivery system" (which I have read is a bunch of hooey), and those delivery systems are usually only 25% DIM.

    So I was wondering -- are the posts which refer to suggested milligrams per day (ranging from 60 to 120) referring to pure DIM, or to "cut" DIM, which only yields 1/4 pure DIM?
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    JustOne Junior Member

    Where did you read its a bunch of huey? pmgamer says indoplex was the only DIM that worked for him and its a patented formula wich other companys are using.

    Seeing as though you read 60-120mg as recomended dosage that would be 1/2-1 Indoplex tablet, so I would imagine they mean the indoplex formula not actual DIM.
    If your taking pure DIM it wont absorb properly so your gonna have a much higher recomended dosage, I dont recomend pure DIM.

    Also my DIM arrived this morning 120mg Indoplex + 340mg calcium carbonate(34% DV).
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    eeso Junior Member

    I tried the olympia brand DIM which is 50%+ cheaper than the cheapest indolplex available, and it worked just the same for me.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    This pissing contest have been played out here before about DIM. It's dam old all ready. If your using Bioavailable it should work my brands say Bioavailable. I have heard guys using plain DIM with Oil had good luck with it it does not get killed in the stomach.
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    drp90210 Junior Member

    The link which suggests this is at:


    But then the link within that link cited to support this claim says that bioavailable DIM is absorbed more efficiently:


    Your chart also seems to suggest bioavailable is better.
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    DLMCBBB Junior Member


    Have you ever tried making the *DIM* shakes by Nick Delgado?

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    pmgamer18 Member

    I read about but after trying a mess of junck I passed on this. Your not using this site the right way we post here to help guys like you not do the mistakes we did. I went around and around on this trying all kinds of junk. My Dr. mess around of almost a yrs. giving me crap like Evesta. Before I got him to give me arimidex. When I posted with a link and I am not a Rep. for Indolplex/DIM it's the only kind I used that worked. When you guys have a problem first do a search here and read past posts about this first before posting you will find ton's of posting on any subject. All I am doing is trying to tell men want works not what to do. In your case with very High E2 I would do what I ended up doing .5mgs of Arimidex everyday for 2 weeks or untill you get some dam good morning wood.

    I could give you links until your blue in the face but if you go out and get the cheapest DIM all the posting we did was in vain.
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    masterpp Junior Member

    phil- is the ritecare dim still the best

    phil do you think the ritecare dim, by phyto-whats it called... is the most reliable brand. i live in the uk, so its a bit of a treck to get, and i dont know if they ship. but i know it worked for you, should i just go for it.

    also how much do you do a day, and are the effects comparable to arimadex
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Re: phil- is the ritecare dim still the best

    Yes they ship to the UK and all over the world for me it's the best and I stay with what works.
    It will take 3 to 4 weeks to get it.

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