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    Anyone ever try dmt? Or psilocybin mushrooms? I've been reading some interesting things about both. Also some other
    hallucinogenic from a secretion of a frog?? Just curious if anyone has had any actual experiences.
  2. Eman

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    I've used psilocybin mushrooms a few times. I've used salvia as well, which were some of the most powerful hallucinogenic experiences I've ever had.

    I have been curious about LSD for a long time but I doubt it's something I'll experience in the future, but who knows...

    What are you curious about?
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    I've used lsd quite a few times when I was younger but to trip and not have an experience if that makes sense.I've read dmt or psilocybin have helped people with ptsd,anxiety and depression to name a few. There's been several neurologist and professors that have experienced this and wrote about there experiences. They all have the same discription at one point. A feeling of ease or purpose. As one describes it as the feeling of everything was right with him now or something along those lines.

    The mind is a very fascinating thing to me along with space. If I only was this intrigued while in school lol.
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  4. DrinkFlintWater

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    Shrooms were okay but Mescaline was hands down the most intense thing i think ive ever tried...not advocating it but holy fuck...I connected with parallel universes for 3 days (give or take)
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    I did that one time. It was pretty intense. I've done regular shrooms before also. It just seems the things I mentioned are more intense and "natural" I guess lol
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    Idk but Mescaline in its natural form is from a cactus..the synthetic version called 25i is on that other level if u know what I
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    You can go to South America and take part in an Ayahuasca ritual. They have vacation package deals if I'm not mistaken lol... I've watched it, didn't look like my kind of thing.
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    I've been reading about a few different places that do "guided" spiritual sessions for a week. Jamaica is one place because mushrooms are legal there.
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    If your the type I person that likes to be in "control" of shit most of the time then tread very lightly with shit like this!
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    I’ve probably eaten well over 500 hits of acid and eaten mushrooms close to a 100 times.
    I still prefer mushrooms. This was my last trip to Indonesia. Mushroom smoothies! 4026FF03-3376-4836-9CCD-02727428FBB2.jpeg 547334C8-AA43-45BF-8C73-FFC3DC0D2F14.jpeg 37E960BE-71BB-42A8-A1DB-E1C32DA1F129.jpeg

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    I eat mushrooms about once a year for a little fun. Might have a nice baggie waiting for this weekend. They are fun to do every once in a while but can give you a wicked stomach ache.
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    It was fucking epic! Nothing like tripping on the beach on an island in Indonesia. I sat in a beach chair for six hours drinking beer and smoking weed. Transitioned from daytime to sunset, it was really beautiful man. The fresh shrooms hit hard and fast and the visuals were awesome.:eek:
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    MDMA at high enough dosages had me hallucinate
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    yes and yes. but no frog secretions :(.
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    mescaline is mescaline :). and analogs are available :D.

    25I-NBOMe - Wikipedia aka "sketchy research acid" ;);). a research drug for scientists, turned into a controlled substance by politicians.
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    interesting comments from Mr. Yates.
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    I love psychedelics. Every single one of them. Even salvia, which in my opinion is the most powerful... buy I have yet to come across DMT. Not for lack of trying. The Peruvian ahiawaska trip would be an almost religious experience.
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    Thanks for creating this thread and explaining DMT