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    Hey so I'm on my 3rd day of my first DNP run. Been taking 1 250mg capsule at night. I know it's not the best time of year especially with where I live but this last year I fell off and recently decided I wanted to whip myself back into shape and lean out a little before I go on a blast.
    I've read people saying they don't experience sides for a couple days but my experience has been different. After my first dose I woke up in sweat drenched sheets. 2nd night power went out at the house which led to pure misery we hit over 115 degrees that day... 3 night, last night I woke up multiple times sweating my ass off.
    I'm debating whether or not to bump up muy dose to 500mg... I'm already really hot and don't know if I want to deal with more severe sides. Maybe I'll just run 250mg for 3 weeks.. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Hello @ranger.danger I hope you are doing well my friend.
    I have ran DNP multiple times my friend. If you are feeling hot already I would stay at your current dose. If you do decide to go up I would split the dose. 250mg in the am 250mg before bed. Do this one or two days then go back down to 250mg to see how you react. Worst case you stay at 250mg. If you can tolerate the sides then I would keep it at 500mg a day.
    I wouldn't go above that though. I went up to 800mg a day during winter. Which was easy because it was below 20 degrees and I was walking around outside with shorts and a t-shirt and still had steam coming off my body. I even had a nurse at work tell me she could feel the body heat radiating of my body.
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    For sure. We're going through a bit of a heat wave right now. I know it's summer but it's not usually this hot here. Once the temperature drops a little I'll try doing what you suggested. Have you ran dnp at this low of a dose? If so how were your results?
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    What is your body temp?

    Is it powder or crystal DNP?

    It doesn't matter what anyone else runs it at. It's an extremely user specific drug, you don't move up to 500mg because you read others did it. Some guys can only tolerate 200mg. I suggest you stay at this dose.
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    What he said.

    And as important, you MUST understand that DNP has a 36 hour half life, or about that. That means it builds up in your system as you take it. DO NOT increase the dosage just after a few days. Here is why:

    Taking 259mg daily yields concentrations like this:

    Day 1 250mg
    Day 2 448mg
    Day 3 605mg
    Day 4 731mg
    Day 5 830mg
    Day 6 909mg
    Day 7 971mg
    Day 8 1020mg
    Day 9 1060mg
    Day 10 1092mg

    As you can see, it continues to build up, day after day, even though you do not increase the dosage. You said you have been taking it 3 days. Given the sides you reported, I suggest you wait a while longer before you up the dose. Especially if you're looking at temps above 100 deg F and no AC.
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    Not quit , but you have the right idea . At 250 mg once a day it will only compound up to about a 675mg peak concentration . I believe thats after the 10th day .

    No reason to ever go over 200-250 a day on your first run op . Its the only way to safely assess your tolerance , by slowly over multiple runs , methodically upping the dose . Then the other thing you have to consider is the purity of your dnp , almost every run ive ever done has been a different experience. Some times its stronger or weaker, but over time you can get a idea of your tolerance . Like @Eman said earlier there isnt a one size fits all dosage , its an extremely user dependant drug.
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    We actually have no way of knowing the concentration dosages of the DNP in this scenario because we don't know if it's powder or crystal DNP.

    If it's powder DNP though, the dose will only build up to 675mg or so.
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    Yeah thats my bad . I dont know why , but i just automatically assumed it was powder . Ive mostly only used powder other than one dinitro run right before he dissapeared , so powder is just always my point of reference.
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    I wouldn’t up it if I were u. I’ve ran 250 a day and only get kinda warm throughout the day and have soaked sheets at night but at 500 I was soaked during the day. It was winter and I’d just go stand outside in my boxers to cool off. It’s not worth it to me to up the dose
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    I'm kind of the same way actually... Powder is basically the most natural version to use as a reference point. Crystal seems to be popping up more than powder lately though.
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    How do you calculate that? Here is the formula I used:

    New Concentration = dose + (last total concentration * (0.5 ^ (Dosage Period / half life )))
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    New Concentration = dose + (last total concentration + (0.5 ^ (Dosage Period / half life )))

    ^ I think that's the correction.
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    No, that results in the concentration increasing by the dosage every time it's taken. For 200mg:


    Those results are clearly wrong.

    I'm pretty sure my formula is correct. When I initially did my spreadsheet I checked it against several similar calculators. If there is an error I want to know, of course...
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  15. Kracken

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    Oh crap, I had hard coded a dosage period of 12 into the sheet I did those calcs off of. OP, I'm very sorry!!!!! If you were taking DNP at 250mg every 12 hours those numbers I posted would have been correct.
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    I like this guy^

    Every single person should read this reply before taking anything.

    Nobody around here understands halflives it’s scary people take DNP without mathing this shit out.
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    @Eman I have seen that chart before, and it uses the same formula I use. But, is that powder or crystal? I know one guy (a source) who swears up and down that it's all the same, but he is the only guy I know that says that.
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    It would be powder DNP, I'm sure... Makes the math simpler to figure the powder at 100% as opposed to crystal.

    They are not the same thing, but they are similar. Crystal DNP is the sodium salt of DNP. Powder DNP is pure base DNP. A common rule of thumb is that crystal is only about 75% as strong as powder but, I believe the more accurate number is about 90% or so.

    There's a lot of anecdotes with crystal DNP but most are probably myths or just misunderstandings. For instance, people say that crystal has less side effects or that it clears the system faster... Which is probably true because you're technically ingesting less actual DNP.
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