DNP raw into DNP caps

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    I have ran out of connects for DNP caps, I have seen in Alibaba the kilo goes for $10-$50, I have never capped dnp, what do I need to cap the dnp? And where do I get the caps and I heard u use fillers to measure the caps to fill, is there a link I could get that explains this ? And also have any of u tried this Alibaba raw dnp? , Could I trust it ? Thanks
  2. Luigi1995

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    Or btw.., I know this is not the source section, but if u have a source that u could vouch lmk.
  3. Eman

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    Fella, I strongly recommend that you continue looking for the finished product instead of attempting to cap yourself. If you're not self sufficient enough to find the caps, I think you may hurt yourself when trying to calculate the dosages vs fillers. It is a messy and relatively complicated process which is why you don't see a lot of sources carrying it.

    No one is going to give you a source for this either, and I suggest you be very careful if someone PM's you to "help you out". You're asking to get scammed... Smarten up.
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    Why the hell do want DNP...serious question.
  5. Eman

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    Please don't turn this into another "dnp kills" thread... He wants it to burn fat off quickly.
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    Cool. I just figured let’s start from the beginning instead of working backwards through the list of stupid stuff mentioned above that would look like:

    -if you have a source tell me
    -can i trust alibaba DNP raws
    -how do i cap, who has a how-to
    -can I cap my own DNP
    -I need DNP
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    I don't mean to come off too strong, I was being sincere in asking that it not go that way because it results in a thread full of misinformation by individuals who know very little about DNP, never used it, and or have used it improperly.

    With that said, I see where you're coming from and it's not easy to NOT ask that question in retort to the questions OP posted.
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    Any work with DNP will leave all your belongings yellow. It leaks through containers easily and doesn't wash off.

    Also, I, personally, would avoid industrial grade DNP - which is what you see on Alibaba.
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  9. master.on

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    Buy the smallest caps that you can find
    usually than means size 4 or 5 caps
    Empty Capsule Size Chart
    buy a milligram scale
    and weigh the empty caps and the filled caps
    subtract to find the filled amount.

    You may wish to fill them up loosely, so each cap contains 100 mg or less.
  10. Rosconow

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    Don't do it. DNP KILLS!