DNP source?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by gymgim, Jun 14, 2012.

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    gymgim Junior Member

    Hey guys

    Ive just moved here to the USA, and havent got a source and have been looking online and cannot seem to put my faith in any US website, i am a member of the

    UK-muscle forum also just to confirm

    I have been cautious of asking anybody in the gym yet apart from one guy but hes slow in gettin back to me you see.

    So i am looking at the following:


    where in the usa/ net can i get this orderd to my new hours in Long Island?

    Thanks guys and i love America been here 2 months

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    MANWHORE Member

    Ordered to your new HOUSE you mean?

    AND it's ON Long Island not IN it ;)

    Why DNP?

    What are you looking to gain or loss
    from this cycle?
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    Zestorer Member

    Damn DNP? That's a bit....extreme?
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    biggerben69 Member

    The Yellow Devil....I hate dinitrophenol 2,4.
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    biggerben69 Member

    I'm going to check out UK Mf and see what you're anout. No promises. You:re mighty new and I kinda protect sources as I believe the good ones are a gift from God.

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    Zestorer Member

    Awwww never shared with me BB69:( Lol
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    gymgim Junior Member

    I hope you have checked me out,

    I am gymjim on the uk muscle forum btw not gymgim, that was a mis type and was to late to correct as i didnt notice until i got email confirmation.

    So there you go, i am a true member of the uk muscle forum not just some jack ass keyboard warrior who talks dog shit!1

    Thanks guys hope this is a good forum!
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    DanB Junior Member

    gymjim or gymgym?
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    Zestorer Member

    I would never touch that stuff, but How come you don't like it?...well besides the fact it could potentially boil you alive.

    Have you ever had poor experiences with that kind of stuff?
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    biggerben69 Member

    I was obsessed with DNP back in the late 90's. Maybe Duchaine's rants and all the history behind dnp fueled the obsession. The internet was new and research chems were easy to come by. I bought 2 large bottles of dinitrophenol 2,4 from Spectrum Laboratories out of New Jersey. Cost more to ship than the dnp itself. Hazmat. The 2 bottles had more DNP than I could ever ingest in 10 lifetimes. My plan was to run 2 week cycles....never got past day 9. Misery. I'm a pussy. I still have nightmares about that shit.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Yeah but are there any negative side effects?
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    gymgim Junior Member

    Its gymjim

    And i am lookin at it to get below 11% bodyfat. i have been researching is and following peoples threads on it for around 3 months, and fancy like giving it a try at

    200mg a day with a carb cycling diet..... for 14 days/ longer if i feel good

    and its gymjim on uk muscle...... not gymgim to the guy who asked.

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    Zestorer Member

    G'damn that's cheap! How come people have jacked up the prices so much, I mean it's poison after all.
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    shamrockbear1 Member

    Seriously, I got some DNP and had a horrible experience with that shit.. I threw iit out I started and after 2 days had the shakes and couldn't move seriously felt like a druggie in a bad movie I have more but I'm just gonna dump it. Personally, I think the stuff is just not healthy I know funny I say that after all the gear we take but that stuff is just not good for human consumption thank god I stopped and it builds up in your system as you take it so be careful. It's not for me...

    I'll trade a 20 day supply for protein powder anyone?
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    ChaseQ Member

    Warning : Before taking DNP do a shit load of research! Understand how it works in every way. Then make the decision and make it cautiously.

    My opinion, NOTHING works like DNP! That goes for its pros and cons!

    For stripping the fat off, nothing works like DNP, for putting you through hell, DNP![:eek:)]
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    Kamala Member

    I read up on it, the stuff scares the living fuck out of me..... The short term sides look bad enough IE yellow sweat, but the stuff was never even intended to be ingested....... And if you do to much, there's nothing anybody can do to save you. I gotta wonder about the long term effects too, the stuff is out & out poison.
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    timbermaniac Junior Member

    OK, here's my story. I lost about 20 lbs in 3 weeks DNP cycle.
    My diet was at maintenance. It was HOT LIKE HELL if you eat lots of carbs, any other way is OK. Sometimes i get relally tired, I mean REALLY tired, when i literally just fell on bed after gym and fell asleep instantly, but more times i didn't get much sleep because of constant sweats. And I get up like 5 times at night just to pee))
    I can't tell you where I get it, but you might just google "dinitroshop" for it. Don't forget to take antioxidants too!
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    JackC4 Member

    Way to be discreet lol
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    JackC4 Member

    The more I read about DNP the less I want to do it. I don't think the risk reward adds up.
    And I don't like to be uncomfortable, from all accounts it sounds like a rough time
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    gildere Junior Member

    I will say as with most anything, it can affect people differently. Three of us here used it and 2 of us felt the heat and the sweats, the other guy did not. Same dosages. The second time for them (I didn't do it this time) using it, was different. Both of them felt the heat. I lost 6 lbs the first week on 200mg a day for 7 days. Noticed some reduction in the love handles. I sweat a lot as is, so the sweating was not a big deal for me. The wet pants and shirt kinda sucked though. Can't remember the other guys weight loss. The guy with no sweats didn't notice anything though. On aas cycle now but will do another DNP cycle towards the end f it. Also think my source has sent shut Big Ben, I may hit you up bro!

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