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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by NYHomeboy, Sep 13, 2006.

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    NYHomeboy Junior Member

    Currently running a cycle of DNP which you can check out at

    My question is, is it normal not to lose any weight in about 5 days of taking DNP? I know that weight will obviously be skewed by water retention, and I'm a retard for constantly checking my weight, but I am currently up to 400mg of DNP at day 5 (been at 400 for 2 days) and have lost 0 lbs. My diet and training are good... is this normal? Most people I see on this much DNP are constantly droppin .5-1 lbs per day.
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    Radeon Junior Member

    What kind of shape were you in before you started the DNP? What was your bf%? If your already fairly lean, I wouldnt worry about the scale. Once you off the DNP for a week, then way yourself and see if you see a diffrence in the mirror. From what I've seen and read, the fatter you are, the better DNP works. Someone who is 20% bf or so could lose 4-6 pounds a week, but if your only 10% bf to begin with, results will be slower. This is just my opinion though.
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    NYHomeboy Junior Member

    I'm about 12% bodyfat... just lookin to ride DNP into single digits. Wondering if that's why
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    Conciliator Member

    If the dosage is the same, the increase in metabolic rate should be about the same (for a given individual), regardless of how fat he/she is.
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    TestFreak Junior Member

    yea DNP puts alot of water weight on you you will notice the most loss after you stop the cycle and weight will fall off of you, its just messing with your head right now so dont let it fool you bro its working if you need anymore info let me know
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    jazman27 Junior Member

    Guys, I've just come off DNP. I've not had a great experience whilst on it. Is it just me or is this stuff really harmeful?

    I create a blog to go through each day of my experiece with DNP for weight loss, please take a look here:
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    I'd appreciate any comments on the blog. I'm not a spammer or anything. I wanted to do it to let people know the effects of DNP.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    bigrobbie Member

    DNP can be very's for some, just not me, So no it's not just you...shit scares

    me bro. Not blastin those who choose to use it, they are just more brave than I! [:eek:)]

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