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    hello my friends. I was wondering if any of my old vet friends know of a domestic DNP source. Been trying to use shredded but no luck. I use to use D but he hasn’t been around for a while. Need to get ready for a competition in a few weeks and need a little push. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

    Sincerely LYB
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  2. PM headed your way. And before i get some noobs asking me to PM them too, i'm charging $20 BTC to answer you back! :p:D
    No, really, don't PM me, this is a one time deal for LYB only.
  3. Eman

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    To be fair, it has nothing to do with luck... you just won't use Bitcoin.
  4. Nolij

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    I need a source too.. legit DNP source ..

    Hook a bro up
  5. Shredded just posted in his thread again today. Look's like he's back, but it get in now, he disappears frequently.
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  6. growfrance

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    I'm looking for a DNP source too, raws if possible, but will settle for tablets.

    I'm in Europe in my case, so no US domestic. Anyone knows of a source that sells dnp and ships to EU?
  7. Tiredandhot

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    I posted this in the dnp discord a few times. I in no way recommend them, only saw they sell to EU but Russian star peptides sells. I have never and will never use them, and its expensive.
  8. DNP
    Shit is too crazy for me.

    If I wanted to sit around and sweat, I'd get the flu.

    T4 and t3 for this guy
    What happened to the good old days when we popped caffeine, ephedrine and aspirin until our hearts almost exploded

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  9. 88GENERAL88

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    That’s what happened people popped so many pills there hearts almost exploded. If you are a research guy, which I hope you are, then over time you will learn that dnp when used safely is safer than ECA. It’s dangerous because irresponsible people use it, and then bad things happen. The only thermogenic that I am aware of that isn’t catabolic, when used correctly.
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  10. Yeah, I was being very sarcastic
    I ran into trouble on ECA maybe 10 years ago

    In a little older and wiser now

    My next adventure in cutting will be GH frag.

    Might try DNP one day.
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  11. johntt44

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    Shit, I ran dnp, did cardio and worked out. Dropped a bunch of fat and dont think I lost ANY muscle but I ate too. Dnp and superdrol are the only 2 things I've tried that lived up to the hype.
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  12. johntt44

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    Oh, nevermind. Haha!
  13. juanchoknicks

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    Shredded has good DNP good to go I lost like 20 pounds in 3 weeks
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  14. 88GENERAL88

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    I have an interest in hgh frag too. But it’s something that I will wait to use when I am just cruising on test and NOTHING I repeat NOTHING ELSE
  15. I'm thinking of running it with GH
    I just havnt done enough research to be honest.
    But I'm getting started.

    I have to be able to track my losses effectively,.
    I agree, I wouldnt be able to effectively track while on cycle.
  16. juanchoknicks

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    Shredded his stuff DNP is really good hard to find a good source out there
  17. 88GENERAL88

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    The reason I said nothing else is that it would be difficult for me to know how effective it is if I anything else was implemented
  18. loveyourbody

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    Hello my friends. Just wanted to do an update. I have lost 20lb in 3 weeks on 400-600mg of DNP everyday. I had a few side effects I had not had before

    WBC dropped down to .57 normal range 4.5-6
    Tonsils swelled up (expect because it is a poison)
    The weird one was cells dying. My lip swelled up like I got punched in the face. Then the area turned black until it eventually just fail off. Now I got a hole in my lip. I’ve never had this side effect before.

    Other than that Temp between 98-103 varied depending on carb intake.
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  19. Eman

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    What the fuck? You're allergic to DNP... Don't take it. It's not a poison... Stop spreading bullshit.

    103 degrees... FFS.
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  20. hi

    If shit is turning black and falling off... that's a seriously bad sign.

    Lots of people run DNP without that.

    I'd stop lol.
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