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    Getting some gyno surgery. Thought it would be a good time to hit some DNP up after a week of straight healing and really drop some weight. I'm curious about the half life so like a pill at 150mg everyother day leading into the end of the healing process?

    Any recommendations or just wait till done healing?
  2. Wrong section.
    That being said...
    I would never recommend jumping on any drug during surgery recovery.
    Some studies have hypothesized DNP to have anti viral and anti infection properties (due to raised body temperature acting like a flu)
    Yet I dint think it's worth the risk, post surgery infections are a real thing.
    Is your tiredness and increased body temperature due to an infection of your surgery?
    Or is it the DNP?
    You may not know until your ass is in the hospital.

    Just my 2centz
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    Thanks for the heads up. I passed on the DNP as in people have been knocking quality all around this board. Same reason I bailed on some of the other boards sponsors. Looks like I have found a new home. Where the truth hurts, but a lot less than scammers gear aka you wallet.
  4. What kind of money are you dropping on the boob job?
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    New tits cost about 6-7k
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