Do cops watch the mail-from post offices for domestic shipments?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by master.on, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. master.on

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    Much has been discussed about money transfers and online security
    but ain't mailing the weakest link in the chain?

    Mailing is the only thing that can't be outsourced
    as sources can check their orders email only abroad, and have money wired to moldova or so.
    Even if they succesfully trace the messages with the customers or the funds, many foreign gov'ts won't cooperate with such an investigation
    Then they just privately Email the domestic remailers with the order and address details.

    Do cops trace the packages to the source
    and ask the post-office workers for info or surveillance cameras?

    What do domestic sources typically do about it?
    Switch mailing locations every so often?
    Maybe they buy prepaid stamps and drop packages at after-hours mailboxes?

    For informational purposes only. I'm not advocating/condoning to break any law in any courty.
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    you are asking too many questions, just be happy your gear makes it to you :)
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  4. master.on

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    I'm curious and I want to know the inner workings
  5. DedLift

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    I know the answer, but I'm not telling you
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  6. Big_paul

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    Unless the source has been made, there should be no problem.
  7. CdnGuy

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    Customs mail is one the thing . But the US government doesn't even have enough resources to follow all the suspected terrorists. So you think local LE has time to sift through domestic mail for gear? Doubt it imo...
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  8. D-max

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    A person in the state I live in just got busted for receiving drugs in the mail. The post office had identified drugs in it, delivered it, and 45 min later police knocked on the door. The people had opened it and moved the drugs to a different room. They were arrested.
  9. CdnGuy

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    What kind of drugs?
  10. D-max

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  11. CdnGuy

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    Interesting.....I wonder how the mail office knew? Cocaine has a certain scent but hard to detect when wrapped. Was white powder leaking out or something hahahah
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  12. Geterdun

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    Something doesn't sound right. Why would LE wait 45 minutes to go in? That's to much time to give the dealers time to hide the evidence, or destroy it.
  13. D-max

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    I was was 15 min. This is what the news article said........

    The State Patrol was advised that a package set to be delivered was suspected of containing drugs.

    Troopers took possession of the package that day and conducted a pretest that indicated the presence of cocaine.

    The package was delivered to a woman at the residence at 4 p.m. that day. Troopers executed a search warrant 15 minutes later.

    They found the package, which had been opened. The cocaine had been removed from the package and placed in a back room. During the search, troopers located several pieces of suspected paraphernalia, including a scale and numerous baggies.
  14. CdnGuy

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    Sounds like someone dropped a dime....
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  15. Geterdun

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    That seems like it might be closer, but again, something still doesn't add up. Maybe the laws are different, wait, this would be a Federal case being that it involved the USPS,correct?:confused:

    It was delivered at 4:00pm, they still had to get a warrant, get it signed, if they could track down a judge at that hour, then go serve it? I agree with CDNGUY, someone dropped a dime.

    I'm not so sure if they need a warrant with probable cause would they?
  16. master.on

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    Sniffing dogs can readily find rec drugs in a HUGE warehouse full of packages
    they aren't trained for steroids (yet?)

    I know that for sure as
    I did an internship in a large delivery company
    and once or twice every month cops came along with sniffing dogs as routine inspections.
    I heard they found something one day but I was riding along the delivery truck driver.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they opened the package, tested it, called SWAT and made a controlled delivery.
    Still I'd loved a police ride along to see the bust up close.
  17. Joedoe

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    Dude what is up with you? How many threads do you have on meso? Are you doing a research project for school or something?
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  18. grey

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    There is your answer though as @CdnGuy pointed out earlier... The cops came to a warehouse 1-2 times a month, not every day, not tot sniff every package one by one, just a random sweep that rarely found anything.

    The Intelligence world refers to this mismatch of surveillance targets to surveillance resources "The Abundance Issue" and it applies to LE efforts the same way.

    For 100% surveillance you need to deputize the entire world and assign each new deputy to watch one of the other deputies 24x7. Even then you end up with gaps the second attention wanders, the deputy needs to drop a deuce, or heaven forbid...sleep. (Meth dosing now mandatory with colostomy bags installed!)

    This is why LE focuses on Sources and Resellers rather than end users. Too much to watch.
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  19. PaulHeyman

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    a scale and baggies, intent to sell. They probably already had a case building up against this person and this just put it over the top
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  20. savage lifter

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    I think the guy said 15 minutes after your post but my comment still stands. If they don't do a controlled delivery (rare as it takes a lot of resources to do), police would typically wait long enough for the suspect to open up the package and act upon what they've found. No one would go to jail for opening up a letter with coke inside and then not knowing what to do for a few minutes and leaving it on a table. There has to been significant evidence that they knew what it was and had intent to keep it.

    Packages that are flagged for drugs, usually never make it to the end person, UNLESS there is a significant amount of substance inside. OR there have been a significant amount of flagged packages to the same address, making it extremely likely that something is going on.

    Lots of people get customs seizure letters for drugs, whether they be stimulants, steroids, psychedelics etc.

    I wouldn't worry about it though bro, you wouldn't know you're done for until it's too late.
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