Do customs agents know all the steroid names?

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    Everyone knows what testosterone is
    but what about Nandrolone, Boldenone, Trenbolone, and so on?
    What about steroids not ending in -one, like Stanozolol

    If they open a package and spot vials not mentioning anything 'anabolic' 'muscle' or 'bodybuilding', no weird lab names
    just professional-looking, straightforward generic pharma-like vial labels and boxes
    Something like

    Would they pass?
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    I'm sure they have Google capabilities at their fingertips, but like all intellectually disincentivized government drones, it's probably a matter of whether or not it passes their "personal short term use" vs "bust-worthy quantity" gut feel. Technically, more or less anything you bring in that has Rx on it should get attention. Question is if the hornet's nest gets stirred up enough, or not.

    Personally, what I bring in is in old Rx vials, much for the same stuff (hcg, Testosterone) that's actually on the label, but I've also put tren, Deca, Mast in my old Test-labelled Rx containers. And then spread it out among my suitcases so that it's only a handful containers per suitcase. Then I chance it with HGH and orals. Also, I take most things out of their original containers, I'm gambling that that will make it less likely to be understood or at least considered to be for resale. I still always bring only smaller quantities so that I can claim the 90 exemption (whether or not valid, I'd still claim that I thought so). Everything in life is about calculated risks, this is how I calculate mine.

    To your point though, to summarize, I think it's the quantity rather than what the label says that would get them to look it up and/or take further action.
  3. Doubt it. They have the ability to test anything they find suspicious. A sealed vial that requires a needle for extraction probably sets their spidey senses off.
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