Do pro bodybuilders get steroids from doctors or underground labs?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Davevanza, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Davevanza Junior Member

    I'm just curious whether pro bodybuilders do get their anabolics from doctors ?

    I think it's also impossible to get that huge results if they get it legally as a HRT.

    I've been using Sustanon 250mg weekly with Andriol 40mg 4caps/day with almost no results.

    With Andriol, I've taken it with fatty meals to enhance absorption.

    Just wondering how do pro budybuilders obtain their anabolics...
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    dennis Member

    In these days and times no legitimate doctor in USA would prescribe a dose necesary for a body builder.They get theirs the same way we get ours....and take the same risks.
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    90% of ifbb guys use Human ugl gear! with ugl they never know what they got. so...
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    and how do you know that sir???? I didn't know trenbolone? eq, epo, cheque drops were made by schering, organon ect ect???

    Most of the bodybuilders that i know that compete take underground as well as some human grade gear.
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    you'd be surprised what is available out there if you look hard enough..

    you don't need doctors for drugs, pharmacists are the gate keepers. lots of private pharmacies, and self-employed pharmacists in the world.

    i mean i don't know..
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    i know 2 big guys they use only HGH+prop+winstrol and win show! with IFBB pro card!!!!
    a lot of pro bb dont take tren,they dont like it.
    but you will say again BS..but not...ask Dave palumbo guys
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    Need2Grow Member

    The doses you are taking are way too low. Is this your first cycle? How about putting some stats on here so we can help you with your cycle. Andriol is practically worthless and Sustanon is very hard to use and keep consistent test levels. More info, then we can give you some solid advise....
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    newbie23 Member

    LOL you beat me to it-couldnt have said it better. drol may be good for the skinny guys though.
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    Mutant Junior Member

    Once again, you have no idea what you are talking about. I compete in the NPC, and know a good amount of pro's and national level guys. You sir, are an idiot.

    You are so full of crap that I can smell it through the computer. You do not know alot of pro bodybuilders, just like you do not know me...yet you have claimed that you do, and been caught lying. MOST bodybuilders that I know use Tren when dieting for competition. We all LOVE Tren. That is NOT a human grade product.

    You want us to ask Dave Palumbo? HaHa, the very guy that was busted for selling counterfit HGH!!! I am a member of his bodybuilding board, and once again, you are full of crap...nowhere does he state that bodybuilders dont use or like Tren.

    To answer the original post/question. Pro athletes and bodybuilders use both HG and UG gear. I know some that get basic things prescribed like testosterone, and some that buy it on the black market. As long as your source is reputable, everything is good.
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    newbie23 Member


    keep calling his ass out-now that i read that thread about asian pharm crap i know exactly what this loser is doing.
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    Quicksilver Junior Member

    What should we consider Mexican vet stuff? Because I know first hand that pro's use that. I myself would not call it HG. And I also know first hand pro's that use UGL, as well as HG.
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    alot of them are offered gear or cash with endorsements. Esp. in europe. Atleast they used to. I think they vwill use whatever they can get. hg or ugl. its only a matter of time b4 a very very well known pro bb is going to get pinched. When i say well known i mean in the top 10.
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    ask who? Palumbo is a fucking joke. I wouldnt piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
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    bigrobbie Member

    Wouldn't you assume at that level...(as you mention, top 10) they would have a doctor writing them a script?

    I know back in the "Pumping Iron" days, the pro's cycled maybe 2X per year and they got their gear from a physican. Just sayin, like why would they have a doctor connection in the 70's but not today? Have the laws gotten more strict? I still think a pro would have a doc write em legit.

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    MrBman Junior Member

    I agree about the endorsements, a lot of dealers will give bodybuilders their gear for marketing purposes ...

    But in regards to doctor prescriptions, i dont know very many doctors who are going to prescribe a patient 2000mgs of testosterone a week and god knows how many other drugs ... their medical practices would almost certainly be investigated ... atleast in ontario, canada i know for a fact that shit wont fly
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    pit_advocate Junior Member

    5 years ago the "man" in my neck o' the woods was a orthodontist. He had MD friends and that's where he got his supply to pass along to all us lil guys. I had purchased hgh, it was from a supply for an existing patient with all the pertinent information scratched off. Nothing was UGL, we had the QV and mexican testoserona with HG from friendly MD'S....;)
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    bigrobbie Member

    Maybe it's because the doses used now are so much higher than back when Arnold was on the scene. Their cycles consisted of pyramiding Test Cyp and D-bol. I'll find a link to the article I read in Muscluar Development about cycles in the 70's, 80's and 90's compared to present day.
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    MAYO Member

    Why you dragging out year-old threads BillyB?
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    MAYO Member

    I have a national level friend sponsored by a mainstream sports nutrition company. Two weeks after he got signed, he had 10k worth of gear that just "showed up." Little faggot wouldn't share either. [:eek:)]
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    bigrobbie Member

    Said I'd get a link...couldn't find one so I just got the magazine out and took another look at the article.

    Classic cycle-c. 1960's-1970's

    8-12 week taper

    WEEK 1: Test Cyp 200mg & 20mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 2: Test Cyp 200mg & 30mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 3: Test Cyp 200mgX2 & 30mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 4-6: Test Cyp 300mgX3 & 30mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 7-10 Test Cyp 400mgX2 & 40mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 11-12 Test Cyp 200mgX2& 30mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 13 Test Cyp 200mg & 30mg Dbol daily
    WEEK 14-16 Taper on Dobl only

    During the 60's-early 90's pyramid cycling was common due to the fact that pct
    consisted of tapering.

    Compare to a modern (1996-2000) "pro" cycle...this will blow your mind

    High dose competitor cycle-c. 1996-2000

    WEEK 1-17: 750mg Test Cyp/Enanthate weekly
    WEEK 1-14: 100mg Test Prop e.o.d.
    WEEK 15-20: 100mg Test susp. daily
    WEEK 1-20: 50mg Deca daily
    WEEK 1-20: 150mg Parabolin e.o.d.
    WEEK 1-20: 50mg trenbolone acetate daily
    WEEK 1-20: 100mg E.Q. daily
    WEEK 1-20: 8 Andriol gelcaps daily
    (not specified): 8 clenbuterol-2days on, 2 off
    WEEK 1-20: 150mg Winstrol-V daily
    WEEK 1-20: 40mg nolvadex daily
    WEEK 1-14: 4iu HGH(Humatrope) 5 days on 2 off
    WEEK 15-20: 6iu HGH(Humatrope) 5 days on 2 off
    WEEK 1-20: Insulin (Humalin N and Humalin R) daily
    (not specified): Cytadren, dose not specified
    WEEK 1-20: cytomel 75-150mcg daily
    WEEK 1-20: 40mg Halotestin daily
    WEEK 14-20: 50mg masteron daily

    This cycle was in use before AI's and since have replaced the need for Cytadren.
    Present cycles would use AI's and more likely than not hCH.

    If you compare the 60's-70's cycle to the 90's-2000 I guess you could see the increasing
    need for Professional Bodybuilders to use UGL's simply due to the fact that
    any doctor in his right mind would never give someone such high doses and numerous
    variety of AAS/HGH...

    Reference- Dan Gwartney, MD/Muscular Development (March 09')
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