do steroids go bad

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by andy6499, Apr 25, 2008.

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    andy6499 Junior Member

    I was going to get in shape 2 years ago and never got round to it now I am doing the training but I have 2 liquid steroids bottles un used and 1 pill form bought 2 years ago are they still good ????::confused:
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    HDH Member

    Use em up (assuming they are sealed and have been stored properly).

    What are ya runnin'?

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    Ironhorse Member

    Is there an expiration date on them? Usually they last for up to 5 years, after that the potency diminishes.
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    andy6499 Junior Member

    Hi I have Venabol pills and Microstan-50 and testen-200 stored in dark cool place are they still good???? thanks andy
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    andy6499 Junior Member

    Hi I have Venabol pills and Microstan-50 and testen-200 stored in dark cool place are they still good???? thanks andy
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    bremac Junior Member

    Chemicals like steroids do not have an inherent predispostion for breakdown and dimished effect. The reason things go 'off' or expire is generally due to micro-organisms, bugs, infections that feed on the drug molecules breaking them down into the respective metabolites. These metabolites will be excreted by the single cellular organisms and they tend to be rather nasty as far as human tastes are concerned. The product will change color, it will stink or become cloudy-this is an expired product. Another way expiration can become a concern is when your liquid bottles are clear and don't filter out certain wavelengths of the visible and non visible spectrums, this light can cause breakdown and again an expired product. Thirdly, when the product is in contact with the oxygen in the environment as is the case with pills, oxidation can happen on the outer extremities of the individual pills. That is definately when you want to take your expiration date into. account However, in all of these cases it does not necessarily mean it is no good, generally your senses will tell you if you definately cant use them, if you are unsure either get them tested or well.........flush em. Expiration dates are on bottles so that you feel the need to repurchase before the company goes bankrupt....meaningless.
    I know this is my first post here, so the word newbie is probably circulating in your heads but I have a Phd in this area, I have synthesized and studied the effects of many ana and andro steroids from all three families. I have had dromostanolone and methenolone that I prepared and filed for a couple years in the back of a fridge. They were in brown glass and contained 5-10% benzyl alcohol, after 2 years mass spec and nuclear magnetic resonance showed negligable deterioration if any at all.
    Hope this helped put your mind at ease before using them, because everyone know you cant toss juice!
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    lou123 Junior Member

    I have used Steris Cypionate that was 8 years old with great results. Now that is right from a U.S Pharmacy so I have no idea how long UG stuff would last
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    dennis Member

    Hope you stay on board..we could use your insight ! dennis
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    BILLYGRINGO Junior Member

    Like D says stick around ... and ahh how much was filed away exactally ?? hmmmmm

    regarding the orginal posters concern. chuck the pill, cause it sounds like you only have 1 ? the oil is probably fine


    good luck
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    xarmtwo Junior Member

    Hi, Quick question... I have a bottle of TEST E 250 enanthate from OPTIMAL LABS. Now I was driving with this bottle in my car for a week back in summer.. as you know Optimal labs - thats underground stuff and has no expiration date on it. I was worried if the steroid is still good to use. What do think?
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    Pericles Member

    You do realize that this person has not been on the forum since 2008, yes?

    A shame, since he seems very knowledgeable.
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    xarmtwo Junior Member

    I guess he will not answer my question... :D
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    Skull Member Supporter

    Just figured I'd bump this back from the dead to see if anyone has any new info about experation dates for aas????
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    Dw725 Member

    I'd be interested in temperatures. Like Ive heard of tne crashing during shipment if it's really cold. And what about orals. Ive seen a blister of dbol that says store between 10 & 20 degrees Celsius. ( 50-68 Fahrenheit) seems kind of overkill. Wil temps lower than that really cause issue? My guess is no, but i'd like to hear from our chemically inclined members
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    If it crashes, warm it up and it will go back into solution. If it doesn't, you have a poorly made product, which doesn't contain adequate concentrations of solvents.

    Regarding storage temperatures. For steroids, colder is better. Lower temperatures slow down degradation reactions and growth of organisms. I keep all my steroids refridgerated until I start using them.


    The degradation of steroids is oxygen-dependant. Keep them out of light, sterile, away from oxygen, and at low temperatures... the rubber stoppers will degrade long before the contents of the vial.

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    NoScopeKen Member

    This is something I've actually never knew... Let's just say I hope not Lol !
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Yes steroids go bad. Send them to me for proper disposal.
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    Docd187123 Member

    Everything goes bad, even pussy. The only exception to this rule is styrofoam. That shit will still be here when Zeus dies
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Store at room temperature. Both orals and injectables will last much longer than their experation dates.

    Climate control is what is important. A storage shed that drops to 55 in the evening and is 110 at 5pm is a poor choice to store surplus gear.
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    Store below room temperature if you can.

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