Do you believe in Rich Dad/Poor Dad

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    Hi,well this topic seems very interesting to me and would like to know if you know something about the topic,read something about it,if you like Kiyosaki ethics,etc.

  2. Him and Donald trump used to hold “educational” seminars in NYC prety frequently...that should tell you a lot in itself.

    I’ll be honest, over a decade ago, I bought a few of his books in his series..and I will say that if you don’t have formal education, are young and wide eyed, lacking in real world experiences, it can “motivate” to change their views on life.
    His books are basically all anecdotal. But any real and concrete advise you have to deeply read between the lines. By the way, he ain’t writing any of his books, they are authored by “experts” in collaboration with him, supposedly.

    My final assessment, he and his series are no different than that old guy in TV back in the days that was selling the No Money Down real estate series. In fact,
    robert kiyosaki will even sell you a board game. LOL.
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    Well, I believe if you work hard you earn hard. Degree is for someone who wants to get educated not to collect money. I admit that education will drop you in a nice place but in the end of the way you own nothing and there is someone who controls you every fucking day.
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    Great,so I discover in that sense you explain that he mission is help with "hold you in the zone",a motivational writer basically.

    But I think his economical ethics help to be smart with that little nasty decisions about money/life,helping to choice the moral option,in my humble opinion.And yes the idea of this post is know the social context of this writer in the states,im foreigner.
  5. There are many, many like, Kiyosaki. Take Susan Orman. She follows the same blue print, except she actually gives a step by step on what to do financly, what you should have financly, how to understand, build or repair credit, how to leave within and above your means. She is by far a teacher compared to her ego driven male counterparts. But her dilemma...she is a woman and a professed lesbian...what a sin right? A complete discredit. LOL.
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    Haha thanks brother,cheers
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    That is a good book. Which part specifically are you talking about?
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    Well dont remember the exact part but I would like understand the meaning of fighting about the loss of money,because that criteria seems to be a discourse like "the secret".
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    I don't remember that part. I will have to read it again to refresh my memory.
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    Haha no problem.The basis reasoning is the rich fights against lack of money with a different mental state than the poor man.Thats the point.Its like books of self-help in that part at least to me.
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  11. Where do you think these books are stacked in Barns & Noble? Hint, they are not in the financial section. They are in fact in the self-hep isle.
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    Haha! awesome got it got it,i see the context.Thanks
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    I don't think it's a matter of believing or not
    if you keep on wasting time and money on things that can't put money in your pocket, you'll end up poor that's for sure.
    Failure it's guaranteed.

    If you invest time and money on things that can put money in your pocket, you might end up rich
    or course, success ain't guaranteed, but at least is possible.
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    Circular reasoning my friend,but its ok.

    Dont agree with you,in this context believe is so important.Seems to be the difference between stay naty and cycling.There are a implicit proposition in the naty mind,steroids are dangers,etc.

    In the poor mind seems to be something similar.
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    I don't know why this guy is ripping on the book. A year ago I started investing pretty aggressively. I've now in ONE year, at the age of 23, officially replaced mine and my wife's income. We aren't "rich" yet, but we're what he considers wealthy. I'm now free to prep for my powerlifting meet, where in March I plan to put up a total that would bring me to a 500+ wilks. I literally work maybe 20 hours a week fixing up cheap houses I buy and rent out. With some "financial intelligence" I found a way to buy these places without having to actually tie up my capital in them for anymore than 6 weeks. After that none of my own money is in them but I still cash flow 300+ a door.

    The way I see it, people can make excuses, or make shit happen. I'm a felon who didn't even make it past 9th grade in school. I can guarantee you that didn't stop me from still getting a good education and doing whatever I wanted with my life.
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    Thanks for that testify Brand.