Do you guys ever get dust floating in your vials?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by juicy122, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. juicy122

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    It always somehow happens to me no matter how much i swab and keep the vials in a zip bag away from dust , somehow eventually ill see a peice of dust or something in vial.... How the heck does that happen and is this bad for injections?
  2. Tiredandhot

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    Your kidding, right? This has got to be a joke.
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  3. juicy122

    juicy122 Member

    Im actually srs lol it just fkin happens why?
  4. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    What gauge needle are you using to draw with?
  5. juicy122

    juicy122 Member

    18 gauge drawing needle i think its too big eh? Probably peirces an opening
  6. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    Maybe it’s cutting pieces of stopper into the vial after many pokes.

    Or maybe your gear is dirty. Shine a light through a new vial from underneath and check for floaters.
  7. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    The stopper is designed to reseal after drawing. Unless you poked a hole in or your vial already had contaminates, It should be clean
  8. Man, I def wouldn't pin it. Drawing with an 18g is convenient, but it also seems to be causing a problem. Pop open a new vial, draw with a 21 or 23, and see if this still happens...
    I've never had this issue in 10 years. If this doesn't solve the problem, I'd contact the source and let them know they need different stoppers. Are they silicone?
  9. juicy122

    juicy122 Member

    Guys the gear is clean and from a very reputable source before using i always inspect nothing floating inside. Then after using for a while somehow something gets in... I will use a smaller needle for drawing next time. Question is i dont wanna throw the vial out i still have alot in it what damage can this cause?
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  10. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    Short cycles npp long cycle deca. If using nandrolone
  11. Sp2.0

    Sp2.0 Member

    No, I never have
  12. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    Grab some filter needles to draw the remaining out of the vial.
  13. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    It's extremely small air bubbles. You are fine :)

    It comes from the pressurized air in the needle, it's normal.
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  14. Way too big..21g to draw.
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  15. Jankauskas

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    No Subzero, it’s not supposed to happen.
  16. I mean you ever the the ass necrosis thread? Someone can link I’m on my phone too lazy to find
  17. I'd prefer to keep BOTH my legs
  18. SteroidsBro

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    I get small chunks of the stopper in my vials a lot.
  19. Eman

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    Yikes... You shouldn't have anything floating in your thread. 18ga is entirely too big, imo.

    With that said, it's probably air bubbles... They look a lot like little particles.
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  20. Monstar

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    There is no opinion here, fact only...18g eats stoppers and ruins them with repeated use. Then you get chunks floating. Repeatable and reliable.

    18g is good for drawing blood or donating a pint and not having it clog. Do not draw with it on a multi use vial.

    Draw with 20 or 21 or higher as desired.
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