Do you vets remember back in the day?

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by RazoBakk, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. RazoBakk

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    So were you always at 8% BF putting up 405 on chest day? No.

    Do you forget all the fuck ups you went through all the mistakes you made? Getting ripped off, deca dick, getting hurt at the gym? Not knowing what to buy, where to buy?

    So why is it when the rest of us come on here looking for help most of you are just smart asses to us?

    Why do you think you are so god like that you can't help anybody that is new here. Cuz that's why I see here. This is my opinion, deal with it.

    Why don't you guys stop focusing on age and stats and just help answer some of our questions?

    We got it, you can bench a car, good for you, were you always able to? No.

    How did you get that way? All natural right? GNC? No. So why can't you help the rest of us get to that level. You should be honored that you have people wanting to be like you, not be a prick.

    This isn't a compentition where we are going to steal your fame, your sources, or your ego, we just want to be like you. Or get to your level. We tried our ways and they are not working. Now it time to go to the pros. Wouldn't you be honored if a whole bunch of us aspire to be like some of you vets? Eat like you, train like you, do the same cycles as you? Then why do most of you give the new guys such a hard time?

    I don't have 8 hrs a day to read every single post ever written here to get an answer to the 1 or 2 questions per week I may have. Why can't I just ask and get an answer? No I get directed to a new page, a new forum, I get told to do more research as if I haven't been racking my fucking brain all day trying to find an a answear.

    Half the post that are here, the first 2-3 response are related to the question that was asked, the rest of everyone fucking around. If your gonna call each other's Bro why don't we start with tearing each other with more respect. Especially new guys that don't know what is right way to do things.

    Now watch and see all the BS, wise ass, smart ass comments this gets. Sorry boys, but this post has to be written.

    When you start sharing your info to help others and new comers rather than just keeping it only to a select few, I'll stand corrected.
  2. Did you ever think it could be that vets get tired of answering the same questions over & over again ? And the main question asked by newbies like yourself is "wheres the best steroids " ? Thats the number one question that gets asked .

    And our number one answer is "do the research like we had to do , we are not just giving you free source information " .

    So now whats your second question Razo ?
  3. RazoBakk

    RazoBakk Junior Member

    I guess your shouldn't be a teacher of knowledge if you don't want to deal with the questions
  4. Thenewera

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    Lol are you fucking kidding me?

    It shouldn't take 8 hours a day because you shouldn't make the jump in 10 days. 3 months, or even 6 months. I studied and studied for over a year and 6 months before I decided to touch anything or ask anything. I made sure I knew what every compound was and every side effect and every risk to reward ratio. And IM STILL LEARNING. Do I bitch and ask repetitive fucking questions? No. I read.

    Like you should do.

    Good day.
  5. CdnGuy

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    Guess you just wanna be a fucking lazy noob like the rest. Try doing some research ya cry baby
    Edit- not directed at all new members, just the one's that need to be spoon fed. Or here just for sources
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  6. Andyboro

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    Im sorry dude but I didnt ever get sources through going to a forum and expecting others to just give them to me.

    I joined small boards, I made friends, I contributed and eventually I was pointed in the right direction!

    there is time to serve, both in the gym and in the online communities before you are automatically trusted enough to be let in. . remember, whilst its a little thing to you.. some other guy is risking a good amount of time in jail, doesn't that deserve a little caution on their part?

    im resisting the urge to go into a full on 'people these days expect everything on a plate'.. but it fits if you think about it.
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  7. RazoBakk

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    No you cunt, just sick of you non helpful mithetfuckwrs
  8. RazoBakk

    RazoBakk Junior Member

    And this is not about sources, it's about help, get it right, don't miss quite me, maybe you should learn to read
  9. RazoBakk

    RazoBakk Junior Member

    Yeah that's it, nice post, real
    Mature. Way to really make a difference in the thread you fucking spook
  10. CdnGuy

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    Please :rolleyes: save me the pity party son. I'll help where I can, like many members here. But when you start a thread bitching. It usually means you got told the truth about something and can't handle it! ;)
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  11. The Tone

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    I am a vet but not on here. When I first came on here I gave respect and I was treated with respect and never went fishing I conducted myself accordingly and never had any problems with anyone. you to have to do your homework take your time and be patient. good things happen to good people. I love this forum tons of good guys on here had made friends with a few some that are vets some aren't vets but still cool guys who will help you out and I try to help those who help me with whatever.
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    Acting like this will get u now where bud. u accuse us of not helping anyone? most new comers ask questions the same stupid questions over and over again without researching anything for themselves. I do not see where u asked a valid question where no one helped u.

    But maybe your hormones are all messed up from that bunk gear you were using.

    and ya like u said "I wish there was a go fuck yoursef button"
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  13. winterowl

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    Came in to see vets ripping you apart. Left satisfied.
  14. You just went from source-seeker to troll . That wont fly here . You might want to try another forum...o_O
  15. "It's seems you have to be a regular and/or part of the elite forum few in order to get any real info on where to buy anything. TP is good, HK is the best, so is Apple pie. The problem is the rest of us are trying to figure out what the fuck y'all aw talking about. Then we check other threads an you bitch at us. Then all the smart ass comments start coming in and out question never gets answered. I don't know what people get off of hoarding all the info to themselves". RazoBakk

    ^^^Oh Yes you are a source-seeker , dont deny it . ~Ogh
  16. CdnGuy

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    You actually have to go full tard to not be able to find a source in the steroid forum. Lol
    Edit- not endorsing any btw :D
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  17. "Yeah or a significant increase of $ in their pocket. They could
    Charge what they want. There are some guys where $ is not an option for them. Problem I have is instead of me buying pharm grade gh at $800 a box, a month, which I can't ever find, I'm spending that a month on fake shit all over the world. Items never arrive, sellers emails stop responding, shit get here and it fake or
    hcg . I just don't get it. Then you got the guys on here getting 8 hyge boxes of cheap chines shit a year and the rest of us cant even find 1 box to try. Why did I join this site again? It's so frustrating." RazoBakk

    ^^^ Why did you join ? If I ever said that in a forum I would already be gone .
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  18. Andyboro

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    Maybe you should relax a little... would youhelp someone who's talking to people like you are? My response was reasonable I think and you're still rude
  19. that one time ....i thought to myself HMMMMMM

    what-if-i-told-you_o_999827.jpg T
  20. Demondosage

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    I try to help where I can but where I come from you had to earn your way in. You had to already be huge and look the part before ANYONE...and I mean ANYONE would talk to you about steroids. There were no boards to go to. I had to pay $150 for my first bottle of test and $50 for 8 syringes. It literally took almost a decade to acquire reasonably priced and legitimate sources for steroids.

    Now you have kids with 6 weeks of training under their belt trying to call out guys who have paid their dues and that isn't right.

    It's not that people don't want to help, but it depends on what the help is. If anything I think there are more vets trying to keep young guys safe than fuck em over.