Doc Appointment Today and Labs were to high

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by domino, Sep 16, 2013.

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    I had a doc appointment today to go over some lab work from a few weeks ago.

    I was taking test cyp (100mgs every 4 days) - and had to change docs. New doc told me that my labs came back in and that they were around 1600 which is too high and I agree. He kind of chuckled about it and we had a good laugh. He wants me to try a new protocol (the goal is to get me at the high end of 900) so he gave me a script for test depo and wants me to shoot it every 2 weeks. He thinks that might do it.

    He said I want you to have labs done on thursday and then when I get home shoot the 200 mgs of test depo. And then in 2 weeks he will retest me again. I told him when those labs were drawn I had taken an injection the night before. He said that probably skewed it a little. But here is my question...

    I took a shot of test cyp on saturday 100 mgs, and saturday I wanted to try a little prop I had laying around so I did a 50mg of that. Do you think my levels will come down enough by Thursday ? Like into the 900 range? I know that test cyp is long lasting. I just want to get this balanced out so that we have a good baseline. I don't have to get tested on Thursday I can wait until Friday or even next week.

    Maybe I should still go in on thursday and get retested and just follow this new protocol for a few weeks. Then after a few weeks I would like to divide the dose in half and shoot it every 7 days.
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    If you want a good baseline do what the "doc" prescribed for a few weeks. THEN modify it.