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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Docd187123, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Been a while since I've been in the gym due to life and work. That changed last week. Second week back in the gym now. Goals are to be fat and strong and powerlift. Will be doing a PL meet when I'm back in the saddle.

    Right now just cruising on 150mg of my test e. Will be running DNP sometime in the coming months to cut back on some fat and then fill out for the 198lb weight class. I'll be home dewing everything I run and am looking at test e, tren e, deca, drol, sdrol, halo and maybe cheque drops and/or methyl tren. Still have var leftover as well. Obviously not running all these compounds at once unless I hire Boston Loyd as my trainer.

    Thanks for for reading and stay gay everyone.
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    Was that the sound of your liver screaming in anticipation?

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    Feels like I've been waiting for this all my life.
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    Hell yea! If this is half as good as your old log on the other board, it will be epic!
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    Fat and strong, I love it! DNP to cut Doc? Will be looking forward to this.
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    Definitely subbed for this! You'll be putting your training routine up I assume, doc? Really would love to see this
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    About time Doc made this move. Way to go and get strong again!
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    Dont worry im here. In for the Doc SKWAATS!!!
    [Rubs belly button silently in anticipation]
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    subbed :)
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    I'll be watching out for your meet so you better not be slacking on me. Lol

    I think my liver was just the background noise. It was my heart screaming with my BP lol

    It's like love at first sight Perrin. I'm back in the club.

    I hope it's as good as the other log. I had overwhelming support from many people.
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    In for pics
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    Yes, DNP to cut bc I don't want to spend too long cutting weight when it could be better spent lifting heavy. I figure 3-4wks on DNP can get me right around comp weight vs 8wks or more on traditional diets.

    For the most part i will be open about that yes. I do have plans to hire my old coach, POB, for meet prep and I have to respect his wishes if he asks me to not post up too much about it but he's normally pretty cool about it.

    Right now I'm on a basic linear progression scheme until I can put some decent numbers back up. I can't even squat half of what I used to at the moment but expecting that to change very quickly with muscle memory.

    Thanks Mindless

    Ha! squats made me into the hairy bastard I am today. For the foreseeable future, I will be squatting 3x per week. If I do a fourth session I will likely be front squats or paused squats.

    Thanks Pit. Glad to have you here.
  14. Docd187123

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    You greedy fuck. I've sent you enough nudes to make a playboy centerfold spread....
  15. Docd187123

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    So last night was

    Bench press
    Close grip bench
    Hyper extensions
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    Firstly, emphasis on "spread", thank you very much... Secondly, you told me you like how much I want to see you... So, are you too proud to admit that in front of everyone? I'm not.
  17. Docd187123

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    Firstly, you correctly emphasized "spread". I was at the limits of my flexibility there.

    Secondly, of course not.

    Thirdly, my face is more ugly than the one in your avi :(
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    No slacking first training day with Goggins tonight.
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    Subbed for the fat and strong :)
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    I like you for your body, not your face, you know that... Why else do you think I say things like "I wanna cum on your worthless face, Papi"?