Doctor John Verstraete sold 1.5 million in Serostim

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  1. Sk8man101

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    I kinda don’t like when they say 25,000 “units” though.

    Like what the fuck is a unit? That could be anything.
  2. Dr JIM

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  3. As far as i know, one vial is one unit, but also, one tablet is one unit. When a bust goes down, LE loves big numbers.
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  4. Sk8man101

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    I always wonder that.
  5. Dr JIM

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    MILLIONS or perhaps BILLIONS, and anyone who has brewed AAS has a reasonable idea of the profit margins for even small scale operations.

    Such profits have enabled UGL focus on on SALES exclusively and turn a blind eye to the complications suffered by many using these compounds, and thats what I find very troubling.

    Who said you can't bake your cake and eat it too!

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    Billions? Lol, Really?
  7. Musclehead320 didn’t make no where near those numbers and he was out in the open, and wrote a book too!
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    Yeah I doubt billions.

    But I wouldn’t doubt some of the bigger labs have made a million or two by now.
  9. Sk8man101

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    Well musclehead was also a moron.

    If that guy made a million dollars before I did i’d probably give up on life haha.
  10. Agreed. LOL
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  11. Dr JIM

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    I don’t consider bathtub brewers like MH22 or any of Meso’s “new comer” labs a UGL

    The term is a collective reference to ALL the high volume labs such as Geneza and Pharmacon and millions is a given based upon the number of hits these web sites receive annually.

    I’m willing to wager Pharmacon
    alone made a million alone last year and for more examples check out the number of PED labs currently advertising on Pro Muscle. And as a censored board with mods PM uses the forum as a front to SELL PEDs

    Wanna guess what a single “clip ad” will cost on that particular source board.

    Some of you fellas are in denial about how much money is involved in the PED UGL industry.
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    Well you put the question out there, now you gotta tell us.
  13. Dr JIM

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    I’ll tell you what I was told;
    “the price varies bt 1 to 10K per month based upon the labs history, volume and the ad size but, the price is fair and competitive” bla, bla, bla. LOL!

    They won’t provide specific figures unless an advertiser submits the required documentation, and I just never found the time to
    forward a Jim’s Juice ad their way.

    One things for sure, there’s a damn good reason BT brewers select Meso rather than PM as an ad site and it’s not an effort to reach out to our community, LMAO.
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  14. Millard Baker

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    500,000 customers? 500 - 1000 sales per day? VVV

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  15. Burleyboyz

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    Did I read that article right? The 1.5mil was just from the HGH not everything combined
  16. Dr JIM

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    IDK the all details but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know
    we are talking about A LOT of money!

  17. Dr JIM

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    I do know the average doc sees roughly 2000K patients annually and IF half of those were PED visits, hello !

    That being said I also know those in enforcement tend to over exaggerate the impact or value of any bust.

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  18. Dr JIM

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    Oh and the above patient volume
    data can be used to approximate
    the average PCP income.

    2000 patients annually

    100 bucks each patient

    That doc makes 200k a year, nope, because expenses encompass 50% of their gross income.

    And that’s why very few physicians maintain a 40 hour work week.

    Yet if greed was their medical calling card some opt to pursue “supplemental” income.

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  19. Millard Baker

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    It was based of $1.5 million in fraudulent health insurance claims filed for Serostim. Dr John Verstraete prescribed it to his HIV patients. The patients went to a pharmacy and fill the prescription. They returned to Verstraete's office where he or his staff bought it from. Verstraete then resold the Serostim.
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