does Axiron render better results than Androgel?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by taser, Sep 7, 2012.

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    taser Member

    i know some have absorption problems with the gel. i also see ,time and time again, complaints abiut DHT levels going too high on androgel or the creams.
    i dont believe this is an issue with the injections from what i read unless its a high dosage. that said, does Axiron increase DHT the way androgel does?
    anyone have experience?
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    LOVEMORE Junior Member

    Im not sure as I have tried Axiron however now Im getting the injections through prescription
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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    LOVEMORE Junior Member

    So this is saying that Axiron doesnt covert into DHT? Please elaborate a bit further.

    "I dont always work my legs but when I do I go heavy."
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    How could you read that and get, "So this is saying that Axiron doesnt covert into DHT?"
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    LOVEMORE Junior Member

    Due to it stating that Axiron users were within Normal readings after days 15 60 120.

    "I dont always work my legs but when I do I go heavy."
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    BBC3 Member

    He is saying the conversion is within the STATISTICAL NORMS. Which is the same with the other gels/ creams..

    I just want to know what happened to the old bullshit about gels and creams being more estrogenic due to their placement on the skin and in proximity with fat.??? LOL

    Are we all "ball rubbers" now..? Or OP, are you presenting the NEW notion that since axiron is applied to the ARM PIT, that there must be more DHT conversion??

    It is my opinion that the operational motive for the good folks @ Axiron is that they are campaigning to come out on top in the SOON TO BE publicized ENORMOUS cross contamination to spouses and more importantly - their children. Via the Isolated arm pit application thus limiting the potential to rub off, as well as the lack of some of the emulsifying potentiators that typical gels include - which render them more potent away from the body for hours as compared to minutes.

    I am here to tell ya that they will all wind up being protected regardless due to the fact the early puberty is occurring as an across the board phenomena and in most cases no exogenous hormones from dad are involved. * I speculate this POLITICAL NIGHTMARE is also why manufacturers of creams and gels have been afforded apparent protection from the highlighting and accusations of the occurrence. The bottom line appears to be that kids are maturing too early, and THERE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE ANY SOLID SINGLE EXPLANATION..!!!!!!!

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    Tyler81 Member

    I would say Axiron has two pts of differentiation

    1 It 2% formulation
    2 It has a novel application method and site

    Testim i am guessing is still the best out of the bunch for absorption. People complain it smells but it was the one that absorbed the best for me even when the gels werent absorbing as well. androgel basically completely stopped working but Testim still worked for me a bit at the highest dose.

    Axiron is definetly banking on the fact that there is less transferrance risk to loved ones since not many people touch each others armpits :p
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    teller123 Member

    I agree about the Testim working the best and I felt like Andogel was close behind. But, since I started Axiron, my libido has went to hell and not near as many morning erections. Must not be absorbing near as well as the other two.
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    Tyler81 Member

    Yeah ive read similar reports from others.

    Testim has a strong smell and takes longer to apply which is why some people dont like it. But interms of absorption it absorbs 30% better than androgel.

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