does heating test e to 250 F destroy it?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by boxer15, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. boxer15

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    If test e was in oil and left on hot plate and got up to around 250 F or so, will that destroy the hormones?
  2. Pokey

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    So no one knows
  3. T-Bagger

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    It’s melting point is around 99° So chances are it’s ruined.
  4. Iron Vett

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    I would think that the carrier oil would be damaged before the test hormone is damaged. If you had little or no smoke, and the oil has not changed in appearance and color, I’m inclined to believe that it would still be effective.
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  5. Monstar

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    "250 or so"...that's a big or so. Not sure at what point the hormone would start breaking down. There's no real reason to go very high on heat. We are just increasing ease of going into solution. Not sure I've ever gone beyond 160 F.

    Per above responses 250 is probably okay especially if you saw no smoke or burning. If Or So means'm inclined to be worried.
  6. boxer15

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    There was smoke, but the oil did not change color. I ended up pinning it and blood work came back good. So I am guessing once the ester is in oil the heat resistance increases or something.
  7. i tossed a (vented) vial of Test E into a 375° oven for 15 minutes in hopes of burning off what i believed was too much ba.

    Made little difference, but the gear was fine despite the use of high heat.
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  8. monichi

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    When you brew, 140°F is enough. Melt point is 98°F.
    You can warm the oil with raw to 140° for easy filtering.
    BEWARE, syringe filters cannot go above 190°F !
  9. ebkallday

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    It would only destroy the hormone that is chemically changed (burnt or charred bottom) Test is priddy unique. The only thing is, your BA will evaporate at high temps....
  10. Yates84

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    It’s perfectly fine. I get pressing tabs and do this occasionally! Only hormone that heat will kill is tren. If you didn’t alter the color from too much heat then add carrier oil and do your thing.